Democratic Party expresses sympathy for shooting victims

Art Reyes, Chairman of the Genesee County Democratic Party, on behalf of himself and the Genesee County Democratic Party, expressed his sympathies to the victims of the shootings in Tucson, Arizona that occurred Jan. 8.

In addition, Mr. Reyes denounced the use of the rhetoric of violence and hate in furtherance of political agendas.

“It is my belief that it was the use of such rhetoric which resulted in the shootings of Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, the killing of 6 others, including Judge John Roll, a nine year old child, Christina Green, and the wounding of 17 others.”

Reyes continued, “We cannot continue the practice of dehumanizing political opponents. They are not the ‘enemy’; they are merely fellow Americans who differ politically. We must remember that our Freedom of expression comes with responsibility and our words and actions have consequences.”

Reyes called upon on all Americans, regardless of party affiliation; to denounce such rhetoric and the use of violent calls to action in support of political agendas. — Genesee County Democratic Party

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