Derby pick put me in poor house

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The Kentucky Derby left the Fat Guy’s pockets with nothing but lint. The money came out of the pocket and nothing went back in. I went in on McCracken and Irish War Cry! The “Cry” only came from my eyes, as Always Dreaming got the job done. I did say in last week’s article that Always Dreaming was training very well. I didn’t bet a dime on him and wish I would have! It’s official; my three-year winning streak on the Kentucky Derby is over. I guess we will have to wait for the Preakness to redeem my horse racing handicapping selections. I look for Always Dreaming to be the favorite in the Preakness. I enjoyed myself at the race track last Saturday and I love watching the Kentucky Derby.

Writing is on the wall

Am I the only one who thinks that K Rod is the worst closer in baseball? I am so tired of screaming every single summer how bad the bullpen stinks in Tigertown. Brad Ausmus, how long can you keep sending out K Rod? He has four blown saves so far in 2017. He blew the saves Saturday and Sunday in Oakland costing the Tigers two road victories. It was nothing short of a debacle to watch. How about the nice K Rod ERA of 8.49! The fact that a closer has an 8.49 ERA is an utter joke! The opposing teams sit on that 84 mpn heater he is chucking up to the dish. When the fastball starts getting hit all over the yard, he tosses in an 83 mph changeup.

How about Anibal Sanchez and his stellar 8.64 ERA and Joe Jimenez has a solid 12.46 ERA? I say break up the fight at the bat rack when the Tigers make a call to the bullpen. When is this clown show of a manager going to pull the plug and make Justin Wilson the closer? Justin has a solid 1.32 ERA and should be given the opportunity to close out baseball games. He can’t be worse than K Rod, can he? Brad Ausmus has zero guts and is a worthless manager, in my opinion.

What has Brad done to improve this baseball team? Nothing. The fundamentals of baseball are horrible when you watch the Detroit Tigers. I think spring training is a time for golf and sun tanning for the Tigers. The American League Central Division will be a tight race all season long. The games are just as important in April and May as they are in September. I think the Tigers have become SOB (same old bullpen.) This bullpen issue has been a thorn in the Tigers’ side and a thorn in all of our sides, too, for two decades! One thing we can count on every single summer is a horrible bullpen! Fire Ausmus!

Hockey playoffs heating up

The NHL hockey playoffs have been outstanding. The Nashville Predators took out the St. Louis Blues in a low-scoring, hard-hitting series. The Nashville hockey team has never been to the Western Conference Finals in their history. I find myself pulling for this underdog hockey club. The Nashville team is a great story here in the 2017 playoffs.

The Anaheim Ducks and the Edmonton Oilers will have a game seven to decide who moves on. I would love to see the Oilers take game seven and move on. The other series currently has the Ottawa Senators up 3-2. I think this series will also go seven games. I would not be shocked to see the New York Rangers win the next two games and take the series. The Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins are also headed to a game seven! I cannot tell you how much I am rooting for the Washington Capitals to win this series. My dislike for the Penguins is huge.

Cavs-Warriors to meet again

The Cleveland Cavaliers have won two series sweeping the Indiana pacers and the Toronto Raptors. The Golden State Warriors have also won seven straight playoff games. Let’s be brutally honest; these two teams are on a collision course for a third straight finals meeting.

The early rounds of the NBA Playoffs are just a huge waste of time. The Spurs title chances took a huge hit when guard Tony Parker went down with a torn quad tendon. How about the fact Tony Parker had played in 221 playoff games without missing one in his 16 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs. An incredible run, to say the least.

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