Despite history, still optimistic about a Lions win

Fat Guy Corner



I ask this question to all Lions fans: How many different ways can one football team find to lose?

The Lions are the No. 1 franchise in the NFL — hands down — in finding ways to blow victories and turn a win into a loss. It’s absolutely stunning how they find ways to lose. It’s like it’s expected every single Sunday by this football team. The Lions will be winning and — poof— it becomes a heartbreaking loss.

I mean, seriously. I’ve witnessed this incredible Sunday afternoon feat by the Lions for all five decades of my life.

Are there any of you out there who thought after the Lions took the lead over Minnesota that Detroit could close the deal and win the game? We all know the answer is H E Double Hockey Sticks NO! I sat on my couch and said “Minnesota will kick the game winning field goal with zero seconds left on the clock.” I wasn’t even excited they grabbed the lead, to be brutally honest, as I knew what the outcome would be — another crushing defeat.



I was right. A 19-17 loss. We, as Lions fans, have become totally immune to these scenarios and only Lions fans understand it. The bottom line is, the Lions are 0-5 and still searching for a win on the football field. The Lions will take on the Cincinnati Bengals at Ford Field this Sunday. I am calling for the Lions’ first victory of the season! Yes, I said it! Lions win on Sunday!!

The Michigan State Spartans stayed undefeated with a victory on the road over Rutgers 31-13. How about three touchdowns from Jalen Nailor of 63, 63, and 65 yards! Let’s not forget the school record 94-yard run from Kenneth Walker! I say, two top-notch performances by these two Spartans. The Spartans hit the highway again this Saturday with a trip to Indiana on the docket. The kickoff will be at noon and I like Sparty to stay undefeated. Prediction: Keep The Wins Coming 31 and Hoosiers A Great Movie 23.

The Michigan Wolverines have a bye this week after a tough road win over Nebraska last Saturday night 32-29. I thought Michigan was very lucky to escape Cornhusker land with the victory. After the bye, the Wolverines will host the Northwestern Wildcats.

I want to say, thank you to Texas A & M for handing the Alabama Crimson Tide their first loss on last Saturday.

The MLB Playoffs have been pretty good here in round one. I can say at the time of this article, nobody has been eliminated yet. I will tell you, the pitching in the Atlanta Braves and Milwaukee Brewers series has been remarkable. I love to watch good pitching in the playoffs. I cannot wait for round two at the end of this week.

The NHL season opens up this week on Tuesday night. The Red Wings will open up at home with Tampa Bay Lightning. I have no idea if this Red Wings team is improved or not this hockey season. I will have to watch some games and see if I like what I see.

I know making the playoffs is probably a long shot once again. The Steve Yzerman approach is playing young kids and letting them develop. It seems like decades since the Red Wings playoff streak was intact. I sure yearn for some Detroit Red Wing playoff hockey once again! Let’s drop the puck on the 2021/22 season.

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