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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The 2011 NBA Finals have been completed and the winner is the Dallas Mavericks. I know everyone wanted to crown the Miami Heat before this series started. I admit I thought they would win it, but it wouldn’t come easy.

I am really happy that Dallas ended the Heat’s hoop season. I think numerous fans watched wanting to see the “Big Three” lose in the NBA Finals. I guess, as a basketball fan, would you consider the Miami Heat’s season a failure or a success? Many NBA fans and experts felt it would take a year of playing together before LeBron and company won a title. The other half of fans and experts felt it was a NBA title or the season was a failure.

So, where does the Fat Guy sit on this issue, you ask? I consider the taking of the “King’s talents to South Beach” and not winning a title a total failure. LeBron could have gotten close to a title by staying in Cleveland. Heck, the Cavaliers could have won the Eastern Conference with Lebron James and then lost to the Dallas Mavericks. Right? Yeah, that’s right. All the dawg gone hype surrounding the Heat and no championship? That’s 100 percent total failure in my eyes.

I want to take nothing away from the Mavericks, who defeated Miami by playing good team basketball and shooting lights out in games five and six. Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry were outstanding. Dirk deserved the MVP award. Remember NBA fans, Dallas has choked a lot in the playoffs in the last decade. It was a huge monkey lifted off of their backs, too! The owner, Mark Cuban, has always tried to put a winner on the court in Dallas. It is a great moment for Cuban. Can you imagine the jubilation in the city of Cleveland when the clock ticked zero and King James was a loser! That had to be a bitter sweet moment in Cleveland for sure. Dallas, enjoy your title, and LeBron, you can enjoy South Beach and wonder if you’ll ever win a title.

Motor City Kitties

The Detroit Tigers have a huge three-game series at Comerica Park starting Tuesday night. The Tigs’ ace Justin Verlander takes the hill for game one. I like Detroit’s chances in that one. Mr. Verlander has been lights out lately. He is pitching like an ace of the pitching staff.

The Tigers should be in first place all alone when the Indians leave town. The Tribe is playing awful baseball after a tremendous start to the season. Detroit has won 23 of its last 36 games since May 3 and only the Boston Red Sox have been better. The Tigers have not been in first place since July 10, 2010. I hope to see the Tigers fans out to Comerica Park for this Cleveland series. The Tigs could use some homefield advantage and super fan support. One more thing, Magglio Ordonez is off the disabled list, so it will be interesting to see how he performs. Good luck Mags, in your comeback.

Laughing stock

I see where Terrelle Pryor has hired Drew Rosenhaus as his agent. Wow, does that make me laugh and laugh hard. What’s Rosenhaus going to answer when reporters ask Pryor about Ohio State? Will Rosenhaus just say ‘next question’? Terrelle Pryor will stink in the NFL as a quarterback; trust me on that one. How about Pryor’s questionable character traits to boot? The NFL and Pryor are very much longshots in my humbled opinion. Maybe Terrelle can sign his training camp gear and make some more money. Terrelle Pryor is a loser and a always will be a loser.

And the winner is…

The Stanley Cup could be decided tonight in Boston. The Canucks of Vancouver hold a 3-2 lead. The Canucks won a hard-fought game five 1-0 at home. The play of Tim Thomas, a native of Davison, Michigan has been spectacular between the pipes. I think the series is going to go seven games personally and that is the way the Stanley Cup should be decided anyway.

A Red Wing assistant coach is heading to Ottawa as its new head coach. Yes, Paul McClean is headed to Canada. He will be missed.

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