Detroit sports teams disappoint

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The Heisman Trophy went to quarterback Bryce Young from the University of Alabama.

There was zero doubt that Bryce would win the award here in 2021. I thought Bryce Young was the best player in college football this season. Bryce’s play toward the end of the season cemented him as the best player in college football and the voters got it right.

The second-place finish of Michigan’s Aidan Hutchinson showed how much late support he received from the Heisman voters also.

I will add, I think the snub of Michigan State running back Kenneth Walker III was wrong. With the year Kenneth had, he deserved to be one of the final four.

It’d be nice to see Aidan Hutchinson chasing around Bryce Young in the National Championship game!

The Lions’ effort at Denver was a Lion’s tail of two halves. The first half, the Lions played decent football and they were competitive. The second half, they stayed in the Lion’s Den and took a healthy size snooze. The entire second half was a total embarrassment by the players and coaching staff. Head coach Dan Campbell and his “going for it on fourth down all the time” is wearing thin on my patience. I have never seen such stupidity on fourth down as he has shown over the course of this football season.



I believe IF the Lions ever become a legitimate NFL football team, Dan Campbell will cost them 2-3 victories a year due to his decision making. Can we please end this Lions 2021 campaign immediately and just forfeit the last five games! The Snore is Restored!

The Detroit Pistons are so bad I cannot even watch them anymore. I mean, a solid 4-22 and at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings. It looks like Detroit or Orlando will finish in last, which will make for a long year for both teams. The Pistons will more than likely be looking for trade offers for Jerami Grant. Jerami is by far the best player on the Pistons currently and the only player with value other than Cade Cunningham. The Pistons, of course, will not deal Cade as he is a rookie and their No. 1 pick last year. Stay tuned Pistons fans. The Detroit Red Wings have slumped on the ice recently losing three straight games to Nashville, St. Louis and Colorado. The play on the ice for Detroit has improved greatly this hockey season. I think this team is finally heading in the right direction.

I like watching Lucas Raymond play hockey and he will keep getting better and better. I mean, he is only a 19-year-old kid playing in the NHL and is tied with Dylan Larkin for team lead in goals at 10. I did not think the Red Wings would be over 500 at this point of the season. Let’s just hope the Wings keep improving over the course of this winter.

The college bowl season will start this Friday. If you hate college football, you will hate the next two weeks! The television will be loaded up with meaningless college football games. I personally think there are just way too many bowl games, and I am a college football fan. I will remind you that Eastern Michigan plays on Saturday at 5:45 p.m. against Liberty on ESPN. I will do more on bowls next week.

I want to say my NFL handicapping has reached a severe slump here in 2021. It’s embarrassing to be so awful. I think the Best Bets have lost six in a row! I hope to rectify myself this week, so here we go!

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