GM First Automaker to Sell 1M 30- mpg Vehicles in a Year

2013 Buick Verano

2013 Buick Verano

December of 2012 was a good month for GM with numbers indicating that U.S. dealers delivered the company’s highest December sales in five years, with deliveries up 5 percent year-over-year to 245,733 vehicles.

“All four GM brands increased their sales year-over-year in December and we were strong across the board in cars, crossovers and pickup trucks,” said Kurt McNeil, vice president of U.S. Sales Operations. “We also achieved an important fuel economy milestone,” he said. “In December, GM became the first U.S. automaker to sell more than 1 million vehicles in a single year that get an EPA-estimated

30 mpg or better on the highway.” Total GM retail sales for 2012 were 1,922,458, a 3.1 percent improvement compared with 2011. Total sales, including fleet sales, were 2,595,717, a 3.7 percent increase over 2011.

December highlights include Chevrolet total sales reaching 167,091, an increase of 3.7 percent over December 2011. Retail sales were 123,021, a .9 percent improvement over the same time in 2011. Total sales for 2012 reached 1,851,646, a 4.3 percent improvement for the year. Retail sales reached 1,269,679, a 3 per- cent increase over 2011.

GMC total sales for December were 43,921, a 4.7 percent improvement over 2011 at the same time. December 2012 retail sales were 37,626, a .6 percent improvement over 2011’s figures. Total GMC retail sales for 2012 reached 413,881, a 2.4 percent increase over the previous year. Buick December retail sales hit 15,659, an 8.9 percent increase over the same time in 2011. Total retail sales were 162,986, a 5.7 percent improvement over 2011.

Cadillac retail sales reached 16,775 for December, up 5 percent over the 2011 month. Total retail sales for the year hit 140,625, a 2.4 percent increase vs. 2011.

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