Development Authority bylaws failed to pass township board approval

FLINT TWP. – The newly-formed Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA) for Beecher Road and Bristol Road are up and running, after approval of bylaws last week by the township board. But bylaws approval hit a snag for the new Economic Development Authority  (EDA) – the name chosen instead of downtown development authority.
Trustee Barb Vert made a motion to postpone approval of the bylaws because some things needed clarification or were redundant. She also questioned calling the group the EDA instead of DDA.
Tracey Tucker, economic enhancement director, who drafted the by laws with help from a planner and the township attorney, said the members preferred a new name because the township technically does not have a downtown and they wanted to avoid confusion about the district’s scope.
Vert’s motion to postpone failed 4-2 but the main motion to approve the bylaws failed in a 3-3 tied vote. Treasurer Lisa Anderson was absent.
Trustee Tom Klee and Supervisor Karyn Miller also expressed concerns about language in the bylaws that needed to be “cleaned up.”
Miller said the document would be sent back to the EDA  which was scheduled to meet again on March 22.
The delay in approving the bylaws could create problems for a tight deadline, planners have set to get the EDA and other authorities finalized by May, in order to make 2017 the base year for capturing Tax Increment Finance (TIF) that would be used to pay for proposed projects.
Tucker said the three authorities are meeting as a unit and working on a detailed project draft, specifying what improvements they hope to make over the next 20 years or so and  also writing a TIF to capture taxes from future property value increases that will pay for economic development projects. The goal was to have both plans ready for a public hearing on April 16.
The next regular meeting of the township board is April 2 so trustees questioned if the narrow window for publicizing the public hearing might make it necessary for them to hold a special meeting.
Tucker said that without the bylaws approved, the EDA can not make official actions.
Vert said that if everyone pushes forward they can still make the deadline.
The three authorities held their first meeting on March 15 and elected officers. Win Cooper, president of Copper Commercial real estate, was chosen as chairman of the 11-member EDA. 
Brad Khirfan of Khirfan’s Market was elected chairman of the Bristol Road CIA and 
Brandon Bird of Huntington Bank was elected chairman of the Beecher Road CIA.

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