Did I mention I hate snow?

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Sitting here watching the snowfall outside I can’t help but think back to when I was a kid and I’m comparing the way I feel now to the way I regarded snow, and winter in general, back then.

When I was a kid I loved winter —I loved the snow, the icicles, sledding, snowball fights, building snowmen, creating a snow fort out of a mound of the white stuff left by the plow. I especially liked “snow days” at school. I remember some of those big storms we had back in the 1970s that shut Genesee County down and school would be called off for days.

Good times … good times.

Then something happened. Something terrible and awful came along and ruined snow and winter! It was so horrendous it completely took all the fun out of winter and made me go from loving this time of year to loathing it with every last ounce of my very being.

I got old.

Snow was fun when I was a kid. I could play outside for hours. Now I hate just going from the house to the car in the morning, especially if it has snowed. “Playing” in the snow consists of shoveling for adults, unless you’re one of those who are into snowmobiling or ice fishing — more power to you! I had a snow blower at one time, and that made it nice, until last year living in a mobile home community I accidentally sprayed the snow into the guy’s house next door and got a firm talking to for my carelessness. Sorry, my bad.

Snow days are great for kids, but adults generally don’t get a snow day. If the roads are bad you try to find a way to get to work. If you absolutely can’t then you work from home or you put in the extra hours to catch it up later.

If there’s one thing I hate it’s driving on roads covered in snow and ice. I was OK with it until about 15 years ago when, while driving to work on I-75 I had a bad spin out and crashed my car into the side of a big semirig. When it was over my car was banged up pretty good and I was facing oncoming traffic.

I managed to get off the road but when I looked to see where the semi was, the driver had stopped, gotten out to look at the zero damage

done to his truck, and he got back in and left.

The only bright spot in the winter weather for me has been my kids. I do enjoy getting out to go sledding with them and one year took them to a toboggan run down in Waterford. They are about the only bright spot I see in winter time and it gets harder and harder every year to want to get out in the snow and do stuff with them.

Of course, they know my dislike of snow and exploit that weakness by aiming snowballs at exposed flesh and putting snow down the back of my shirt. Got to love kids, right? But I get back at them by yelling at them to stop eating snow and icicles for all the same reasons my parents told me not to do that stuff — the snow and ice are full of pollution we put in the sky and, well, you really need to watch out for that yellow snow kids — it’s bad stuff.

Oh well, only 96 days until spring. I suppose I will just have to hold out until then.

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