Didja doubt my Derby pick?

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The 140th Kentucky Derby winner was California Chrome! I hope some of you readers went to the track and placed some money down. I told you he was going to win this race. The question now becomes, can California Chrome complete the next leg of the Triple Crown? The Preakness will run on Sat., May 17. I will say I think California Chrome will more than likely be the chalk after that awesome performance in the Kentucky Derby.

Crystal cheeseball prediction

The Detroit Tigers completed a successful road trip with a three-game sweep of the Kansas City Royals. The Tigs busted out the bats in Kansas City scoring eight runs on Friday, nine on Saturday and nine again on Sunday. Miguel Cabrera’s batting average was hovering around .200 for a few weeks. All of a sudden Miggy is at .280.

I want you to think about this for a second: The Tigs had a winning record with Miggy struggling at the plate. It’s hard to believe he only has hit two home runs so far. The cold and wet spring has cut down on all players’ power numbers. Any of these teams who play in cold weather cities have had less than ideal baseball weather. The bottom line is, when the weather warms up, so will these power hitters’ bats. Miguel will start cracking homers and that will make all Tiger fans happy.

I have been awful tough on the bullpen, as have all Tigers fans. I really believe the Detroit Tigers are going to win the American League Central pretty easy this season, though. I know a lot of the so-called experts have picked the Kansas City Royals to win the division over the Tigers. I just didn’t see it and after this weekend, the Royals are still a notch below the Tigers. The Indians, White Sox, and Twins will pose no threat and Detroit wins this division by eight games or more.

Insanity on the hardwoods

The NBA playoffs round one have been completed. There were no shockers, in my opinion. The fact that the No. 8-seed Atlanta Hawks took the No. 1-seeded Indiana Pacers to a game seven is insane. The Pacers are one great big enigma I can’t understand. There is so much talent on the Pacers roster to be pushed to a game seven. Chemistry in the locker room and on the court can never be underestimated. The Pacers are a prime example of bad chemistry.

The Miami Heat is an absolute lock to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals. The Western Conference is wide open, but I could make a case for the Thunder, Clippers, Spurs, and Trailblazers to represent the West.

Draft night

The NFL draft is tonight and round one should be so entertaining with the thought of trades and teams dropping down and collecting more picks. I think a few teams are going to trade up to get the player they covet in the draft.

The quarterback situation is so intriguing to me. Who wants “Johnny Football” Manziel? The Browns? The Texans? The Raiders? or someone else. He is the most talked about and everyone has an opinion on him. There are numerous people who feel he is a great selection. There are others (me included) who think he will be a huge bust. I would not want to hang a top five pick on him.

Let’s be thankful the Lions are not searching for a quarterback. I know some wish they were. I personally think Matthew Stafford will be okay this upcoming season. What the Detroit Lions do in this year’s draft is anybody’s guess. They could go wide receiver, linebacker or defensive back. It has to be one of those positions or I will be teed off. I prefer a defensive back unless Sammy Watkins comes our way or Mike Evans. Those two are game-changing receivers I believe.

Let’s be honest here, lately the Lions have been rock solid drafting football players. I don’t think Mr. Suh will be traded as some believe. General Manager Martin Mayhew says he will be a Detroit Lion. I believe him, too! However, I caution that I don’t believe Suh is an untouchable. If the Lions get a boatload of an offer, he is gone. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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