Doctors being pinched by new federal rules



I haven’t been a fan of President Obama’s health care reform (I already hear dozens of letters already being written to me by those who are fans) and the more I hear about the trickle down effects of his reforms, the more I have to question why it had to be done this way.

The newest hardship on the public over health care reform is many family doctors are saying they will no longer be able to see their patients in the hospital because of time consuming clerical duties the government has imposed on doctors.

According to doctors affected by these changes, mandates require doctors who admit patients to the hospital, and direct their hospital care, to perform substantial administrative duties in conjunction with the medical decision-making during the patient’s hospital stays and their discharges to home.

Doctors say these clerical duties used to be performed by hospital staff, but now are preventing doctors from continuing care for their patients in the hospital. Because of this, many family doctors will be turning care for their patients over to what are called hospitalists, a specialist providing hospital care.

Seriously? A doctor specializing in hospital care?

So in other words if you are hospitalized and want to see your own doctor, the doctor who has maybe cared for you for years and knows your medical history without having to look it up in a file, you can forget it. A hospitalist will treat you and you’ll like it. You don’t get a say in who cares for you any more, more free will tossed out the window by a government who finds it necessary to dictate every facet of our lives.

If John Smith wants to see his doctor in the hospital, he should be able to see him or her and not be told the creation of more bureaucratic red tape is preventing him from seeing his doctor. All these health care reforms have done for this country is make health care more bogged down than it was before. Sure, we all have it, because it was forced on us, but it has become so mired in paperwork and red tape that it is burdensome and has taken away many of the rights people had with their health care.

You can blame the doctors, or say they should be able to handle the clerical work because of all the money they make, but the fact is I don’t pay my doctor to fill out forms and complete paperwork — I pay them to make me well and to provide me with the best care possible.

Actually, these “reforms” are making it unprofitable to go into the medical profession here in the United States. I wonder 15-20 years from now if we will still have an abundance of medical professionals here, or if the nation is going to see a decline in the number of people becoming doctors, nurses or specialists?

Because let’s face it, just about everything the government gets involved in ends up becoming a complete mess. Thanks a lot, Washington, D.C.

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