Don’t Let Them Steal Your Freedom:

I am resounding to “Rights Cannot Be Infringed Upon” recently featured in your Op/ed page.

I also want Americans to wake up before it’s too late. In my opinion “God Given” rights are pretty much limited to free will and free thoughts.

The rest of our rights are normally granted and outlined by the Constitution and by law makers at the city, state, and federal levels. I am seeing a very passionate response to our state governor’s efforts to prevent the spread of a lethal pandemic. The protection of Michigan’s resident’s health and welfare is the Governor’s chief obligation with or without the legislatures help. I understand that people are very angry about this infringement on their personal ‘Freedom”.

Our “Freedom” is also dependent on free and fair elections. That is what our democracy is based on and requires attention for it to continue. I would like to see more focus on our “Freedoms” to include our electoral process. It is currently being undermined by truck loads of “dark” money poured in to campaigns to create an unfair advantage for the outcome. Gerrymandering has made your vote not count in some cases. Another threat to our “Freedom” is in the form of foreign, especially Russian, interference in our electoral process while pursuing their own goals. These goals won’t be in your best interest. If we do not have free, fair elections, you can expect a lot of freedoms to get trampled.

In my opinion, the lack of oversight and attention to the electoral process has resulted in an ongoing destruction of a government “By the people, For the people”. The fallout is we now have a government being steered by special interests, with “we the People” left with little or no voice. I hope that all citizens recognize the biggest threat to their “Freedoms” before it destroys our ability to keep them and work to preserve them. — Dan W. Brasier, Flushing