Don’t Preak out, I’ll tell you Belmont winner later

Fat Guy Corner



The 144th Preakness winner was War of Will and he won convincingly. I stated last week he was a live bet in the race and he didn’t prove me wrong. I did predict Improbable to win and War of Will to run second, but War of Will said watch this Fat Guy I’m going to win it! The next big race is three weeks from now when the Belmont finishes the last of the big three horse races. The question is, what horses will enter into the Belmont Field?

Wanna keep the trophy?

The PGA Championship winner was Brooks Koepka and the Wanamaker Trophy stayed in the Koepka home. How about Brooks joining Tiger Woods as the only back to back winners of the PGA Championship since it went to stroke play in 1958! Pretty darn impressive I would say. The fact that Koepka has four wins in the last eight major golf tournaments he has participated in is quite the run! The golf world’s eyes will be focused on Brooks at the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. Who was the last person to win three U.S. Opens in a row? If you guessed Willie Anderson in 1905, you are correct. The boys of Vegas have installed Brooks as the favorite to win it for the third straight time. I have to admit I will be pulling for him to accomplish the U. S. Open three peat! It would be great for the game of golf. I think Dustin Johnson would love to end his runner up finishes in these majors. He now has four runner-up finishes in all four majors.

Now they’re free

The Detroit Tigers are in a Tom Petty “Free Fall” on the diamond. The hitting is atrocious, and that is being kind. I mean, there are so many automatic outs in this Tigers lineup it’s sickening. How about Candelario hitting a robust .192? How about Goodrum a robust .201? I will say these two are not the only culprits, I just don’t feel like listing them all. When will the Tigers figure out Jacoby Jones is not a major leaguer? The pitching has totally fallen apart as teams are hanging up football type scores lately. I know the Tigers are rebuilding, but this is abysmal baseball and I can’t watch it, to be truthful. I don’t think being competitive is asking much, is it? Apparently, it is.

Bruins to play the Blues

The NHL conference finals are over in the Eastern Conference as the Bruins completed the four-game sweep of the Carolina Hurricanes. The Bruins totally dominated the Hurricanes in the series and will be well-rested come Stanley Cup time. The Western Conference is in Game Six with the Blues leading the Sharks 3-2 and a chance Tuesday night to advance to the Stanley Cup. I said last week I liked the Blues to win the series and I think it will happen. I don’t like the fact San Jose has received so many hockey breaks in these playoffs. The controversy has provided the Sharks with a couple huge victories on the ice. I think a Blues and Bruins Stanley Cup would be a tremendous watch. The Bruins will more than likely win Lord Stanley, in my opinion.

No Magic for Lakers

The NBA playoffs have one team headed to the NBA Finals. The Golden State Warriors have eliminated the Portland Trailblazers in a four-game sweep. The Trailblazers actually played the Warriors pretty tough for getting swept. The Portland basketball team blew three large leads the second half of the last three games of the series. I do not want to see Golden State win another world title. It looks like the Warriors have a legitimate shot at another championship. The Eastern Conference currently has Milwaukee up 2-1 against the Toronto Raptors. This has been a homer series so far with no road wins by either team. I do like the Bucks to dispose of the Raptors in five games. I think the Bucks win Game Four on the road in Toronto and set up a Warriors and Bucks NBA Finals. The Bucks match up well with Golden State and can shoot the basketball from three ball land. I will be pulling for Milwaukee if they make the NBA Finals.

I want to say Magic Johnson running his mouth about general manager Rob Pelinka is an embarrassment for Magic. The fingerprints Magic put on the Lakers has a lot Magic Johnson on it. He has been an epic disaster after his basketball playing days with everything he has touched!