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The Detroit Lions made some more front office moves as Martin Mayhew and Tom Lewand are let go of their duties. Martin and Tom were part of the Matt Millen era. They were kept in the organization even after Matt “Mickey Mouse” Millen was fired. Why were they kept is the question we all should be asking. Matt Millen was a total failure and debacle and these two people were hooked to the hip of Millen. The drafting of Martin Mayhew was atrocious during his tenure as general manager. The amount of swings and misses reminded me of catcher Alex Avila at the plate for the Detroit Tigers.

These two guys have failed miserably and I am glad they are gone. Who comes in next to fill these voids is a very important hire for the Lions organization. Get this: They have hired a consultant firm to help! I say that sounds funny. However, do we really want Mrs. Ford to do the hiring? I say, no way! Detroit needs to hire a person who comes from a winning organization!

The Patriots, Steelers, Seahawks and Packers are top-notch organizations, in my mind. Let’s get someone from those organizations, please!

Why is Jim Caldwell still with the Lions? Let’s give him his walking papers ASAP! I can’t take his dumb look on his face anymore, either. The look is the same one I give the wife when she asks me to clean the toilet or do the dishes. Jim Caldwell ranks right there with Marty “Moron Whig,” Hot Rod Marinelli, and numerous other Lions coaching buffoons. It is time to turn this entire Detroit Lions organization around. I mean, it’s only been 60 years of Hell for Lions fans.

College rankings right on

The college football playoff rankings came out after my article deadline last week. I thought the college selection people got it right, actually. They listed Clemson No. 1 followed by LSU, Ohio State, and Alabama. The new rankings come out tonight (Tuesday) with LSU now gone after losing handily to Alabama. Do the Baylor Bears now slide into the college football playoff? I also believe it could be the Notre Dame football team.

Here is how I would rank them if it were me doing the rankings: 1. Clemson 2. Alabama 3. Baylor 4. Notre Dame.

The next two looking in: 5. Oklahoma State 6. Ohio State. Let’s be clear on one thing, though, the rankings will change a lot in the next month. Here is a tidbit for you to ponder. Among the four teams in the final four last season, only one of them were ranked in the first four when the first poll were released. The National Champs, Ohio State, was ranked No. 16. I say, fascinating, for sure.

Spartans were robbed!

The college football playoffs for Michigan State came crumbling down at Nebraska last Saturday. The Spartans were robbed point blank if you ask me. A controversial touchdown made by a Nebraska Cornhusker receiver cost Sparty the victory. The receiver was not forced out of bounds by the MSU defender. We all saw it. Why do we have replay if they can’t get the calls right? The officiating in college has been awful all season long and MSU was the victim of horrible officiating. The Spartans can still make the Big Ten Championship game if they run the table. The showdown in Columbus in two weeks will be huge in deciding who plays against Iowa, more than likely. The Spartan loss also opens the door for the chance for Michigan to slip into the title game. Michigan will have to root for the Ohio State Buckeyes to beat the Spartans and then defeat the Buckeyes in Ann Arbor. Michigan rooting for Ohio State; man that ain’t right is it?

Short takes: The Pistons stay impressive with two victories on the “Left Coast.” I have really enjoyed watching Andre Drummond and the Pistons so far here in 2015. What I have not enjoyed is my losing NFL selections! Here are more of them:

Buffalo +3 over NY JETS
GREEN BAY -11.5 over Detroit
Dallas + 1 over TAMPA BAY
TENNESSEE + 4.5 over Carolina
ST. LOUIS -7 over Chicago
WASH. +1 over New Orleans
Miami +6 over PHILA.
PITTS. – 4.5 over Cleveland
Jacksonville + 6 over BALTIMORE
OAKLAND – 3 over Minnesota
Kansas City + 6 over DENVER
New England – 7 over NY GIANTS
SEATTLE – 2.5 over Arizona
CINC. -10 over Houston
LAST WEEK: 4-8-1 SEASON: 58-70-3

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