Downtown Flint needs to rock (Well, sometimes anyway…)



Everyone is understandably excited about the re-opening of the beautiful and historic Capitol Theatre in Downtown Flint after a $37 million (hard to say that without using a Doctor Evil accent and air quotes!) renovation. Post 1976, the Capitol hosted dozens of world famous rock bands on the main stage with a decided bent towards heavy rock and metal during its last 10 years of operation.

In addition to the big stage, The Capitol’s appropriately named “The Lobby” was a venue inside a venue that served as a gathering place for rock and metal fans and a local proving ground for many Flint area musicians around the turn of the 90s.

One of the ancillary benefits of By all those big shows at the Capitol is that other live music locales sprang to life in downtown Flint and that’s the era that our citizenry refers to when they wistfully recall Flint’s rock music scene of the 80s and 90s. “The Local” is a non-profit all-ages music hall in the heart of the city that has carried the torch of independent music for many years since that time. I would love to see the reborn Capitol Theatre host a semi-annual collaborative concert with The Local celebrating and featuring the local musicians that have and are still laboring to keep music alive in this area.

They would be well attended, inspirational and validating experiences from both sides of the stage. I’m overjoyed that there is a beautiful concert and event venue in downtown Flint and even more excited by the possibility it presents to engage, inspire and encourage the artists that live here and to give birth to new possibilities. Nothing draws a crowd like a crowd; at least think about, powers that be…


Need an idea for those nights where the roads are impassable the visibility impossible and there is not one interesting movie out of the millions on Netflix? I invite you to go to reverbnation. com and type Flint, Michigan in the location bar. There is a simply staggering number of musical groups from the tri-county area in every genre, from gospel to death metal and everything in between with free music and video content, searchable by genre.

Flint native John “JD” Dombrowski owns Batteries Plus Bulbs of Burton, serves as Burton Chamber of Commerce Chairman, doesn’t believe in spare time and sings for “Stifling Edith”. He is good looking, and knows more about rock music than you do.

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