DPW supervisor retires early after months of council debate over position

DAVISON — Just two weeks after the city council approved moving the Department of Public Works supervisor under its direction, he asked for and was granted early retirement effective immediately.

The council unanimously approved DPW Supervisor Ed Brown’s request for immediate retirement, leaving the city after 11 years.

On Monday, the city council approved his retirement, effective at 3 p.m. the following day (Tuesday, June 29).

Details of the retirement settlement were not discussed, but Mayor Tim Bishop said it involves nine months of benefits.

DPW employee Brian Gist was named interim supervisor immediately after the board approved Brown’s retirement.

The announcement of Brown’s retirement comes after several months of debate on the council regarding who the DPW supervisor should report to.

Moving Brown from under the supervision of City Manager Andrea Schroeder to council oversight was brought up at the council’s goals and objectives meeting in February after Councilwoman Stacey Kalisz said she had spoken to Brown and their conversation caused her concern about why the DPW supervisor position was the only department head who could not be hired or fired by the city council.

Kalisz and other council members argued the DPW supervisor should be under council control, like the police chief and treasurer.

In March, Brown attempted to read a letter into the record at the council’s March 22 meeting which addressed the decision by the city administration to take back his city provided truck.

To date, neither the administration nor the council has commented in the meetings addressing the matter why the truck was taken and who wanted it taken.

Brown said further in his letter the truck was given to him in lieu of a wage increase by the city and said he was considering moving up his plans for retirement.

The matter of shifting Brown to council control was just resolved June 14 when the council approved the second reading of an ordinance making the move official. The council voted 5-2 in favor of the ordinance, Councilmen Ron Emery and Chris Hinkley voting against the ordinance.

Brown retired from the Saginaw Department of Public Works prior to accepting the position of DPW supervisor in Davison when the job was created in 2010.