Eight is enough



This is part of the From the Director Blog from MHSAA Communications Director John Johnson

Late in March the Michigan High School Athletic Association received the 20th commitment from an MHSAA member Class D school to sponsor eightplayer football during the 2011 season, which means the MHSAA will tee up an eight-player division of its football playoffs this coming fall.

Pursuant to this minimum standard and playoff plans approved by the MHSAA Representative Council two years ago, the MHSAA will administer a four-week tournament for the top 16 Class D teams with the highest playoff point averages among eight-player teams. The four-week tournament will culminate on the weekend of the 16 11-player semifinal games.

As of late March, there were 630 MHSAA member high schools sponsoring interscholastic football, an increase of five over the previous year. The increase is attributable at least in part to the establishment of new programs under the eight-player opportunity.

It is anticipated that the reality of the eight-player division of the MHSAA Football Playoffs will result gradually in more eight-player declarations, some being brand new football programs and others converting from the 11- player game.

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