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Elected officials have a responsibility to get the job done

(In regard to The VIEW from Here, July 14) I suspect that you and I are on the opposite ends of the political spectrum but on this issue we totally agree — we need to take our government back. I have attached my views on this issue for your consideration. A couple of quick comments on your three bullet points.

To my knowledge Gov. Snyder and the Republicans have not attacked teachers. Their concern is with publicly supported teacher pay, benefits and tenure — MEA corner stones. In fact the only teacher bashing that I have heard is self-inflicted by the MEA whose public advertisements discribe personal attacks on teachers in order to sway public opinion away from the real issues. The fact is that Michigan teachers are among the highest compensated in the nation and student learning scores among the lowest. Tenure tends to create disincentives for superior performance by disconnecting compenstation from performance. www.machinac.org is a nonpartisan organization that is good at digging up the facts.

Your second point on extortion I totally agree with.

The third point has to do with my attached comment about elected officials. The folks in charge of the public meetings were elected. They have a responsibility to get the job done in the best interest of the community. Public input should be allowed but limited. Controversial issues will attract crowds and input is not likely to change the minds of officials chosen by the voters. The real objective of multiple and loud input is ( generally from a small minority) to disrupt the democratic process. Another example of mob rule. — Craig Kemler, Swartz Creek

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