Election investigation is warranted.

A letter in the 11-19-20 edition personified the current Cancel Culture mentality to disallow opposing views and shame anyone expressing those views.

In my opinion, an investigation into the election is a reasonable request because affidavits alleging widespread inconsistencies, like the stoppage of the vote count and dumping of large packets of ballots that resulted in a surge of Biden votes, the disallowing of poll watchers, ballots with invalid addresses or unverified signatures, and the software “glitches”, should make one suspicious of the validity of the election.

There are other anomalies that lend credibility to my unease about the election. Is it true that in some states there were hundreds of thousands more mail-in ballots received than were mailed out? I don’t know. Do you? These and many other allegations must be looked into, especially considering the upcoming senate runoff election in Georgia, the result of which will significantly impact whether America remains a capitalist society or edges toward socialism.

I find it shocking and disturbing that so many American citizens allegedly voted against Trump, in spite of the great economy and historically low unemployment and poverty levels we achieved under his administration, in spite of his accomplishments like the peace deals, the fairer trade deals, the deregulations that benefited small businesses, the resurgence of manufacturing jobs, and the Wall.

And in spite of the fact that Trump is fervently pro-America, pro- Constitution, pro-life, pro-religious-freedom, pro-personal-protection, and pro-law-and-order, we are expected to believe that the voters disregarded that and instead voted for Biden, who isn’t any of those things!!

My choice is to not sit down and shut up and blindly accept “There is nothing to see here,” “Forget about 2020; focus on 2024,” and my personal favorite, “It’s time to unify”. After the last four years? I don’t think so. My choice is to support a transparent path to the truth.

Wouldn’t every American expect and want transparency and the truth? If not, why not? — Theresa Weigand, Grand Blanc