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First of all, my NFL picks are a total embarrassment this football season! I am dead last in just about every single pool I have entered into this season. There is now no chance of extending my over-.500 streak against the spread. That is a huge disappointment for a man who used to pride himself on being able to handicap NFL football games! I had to get that off my plate and make room for a large steak. I guess if you really want to make money pick against me all season long and you’ll be one very rich person.

I will say if picking against the Lions every week will cough up a road victory in Washington, I am all for that. I take them in Arizona and they lose. I pick Washington and then they surprise me and win in a place where they had lost 21 straight times! Go figure? Wait, don’t, because nobody can figure out the Lions, can they?

This is one crazy year in the NFL already. Cleveland winning in Minnesota? San Francisco losing at home to the Colts? Miami Dolphins 3-0? Minnesota, Washington, Pittsburgh, and the New York “Football” Giants all 0-3? Who saw all that coming? I can say one hundred percent without a doubt, not ME!

The Lions’ win in Washington was a huge road win for numerous reasons. One reason is, they should not have lost on the road to Arizona last week. The second reason is, the Redskins were a desperate football team whose backs were to the wall. I figured Washington would win because of their situation of being 0- 2. Detroit can now build off of this road win and gain some road confidence the rest of the season on the road. Let’s not forget this was done with a large offensive weapon injured in Reggie Bush. What the win in Washington did was set up a big-time division battle of a football game Sunday at Ford Field. It will be loud and rocking much like when the Bears came here on Monday night two years ago. The Bears are a solid team and undefeated at 3-0. Detroit MUST take care of business at home in division games. I wish I could go, but am wrapping up work and already gave my tickets away. Darn it all. The Fat Guy prediction is: Kings of the Jungle 27 and Teddy Bears 20. Lions fans, you need to be loud and obnoxious on Sunday!

Other Motor City Cats

The Detroit Tigers are two games away from clinching the American League Central Division (as of Monday night). I would hope by the time you read this, they have already clinched the title. It sure was nice to see Max Scherzer win his 20th game on Friday night at home against the White Sox. He tried at least three times to get it done and couldn’t do it. October baseball is just around the corner. Let’s Go Tigers!

Tough day

The Spartys lost to Notre Dame and the Irish were helped by suspect pass interference calls. One of the bogus calls led to a Notre Dame touchdown before halftime. Tough, tough loss for Sparty. Michigan escapes with a narrow victory over U-Conn Saturday night. What’s wrong with Michigan? Maybe they just aren’t that good!! Devin Gardner is an apple turnover supreme! He makes way too many mistakes for my liking.

ST.LOUIS + 4 over San Fran
MINNESOTA- pk over Pittsburgh
BUFFALO +3.5 over Baltimore
CLEVELAND +5 over Cincinnati
Indianapolis -9.5 over J’VILLE
HOUSTON +3 over Seattle
TAMPA BAY -2.5 over Arizona
DETROIT -2.5 over Chicago
NY Giants +4.5 over KC
TENNESSEE -4 over NY Jets
SAN DIEGO +2 over Dallas
Washington -3 over OAKLND
DENVER -11 over Phila
ATLANTA -1 overN. England
Miami +6.5 over NEW OR.
LAST WEEK – 3-12-1 (OUCH)
SEASON- 13-32 -3 (DOUBLE

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