Emergency crews respond to early-morning apartment fire

GRAND BLANC TWP. — Tenants in one Grand Blanc Township apartment community were rousted from their slumber early Sunday when fire broke out in a row of townhouses.

Firefighters were summoned to the scene in Maplebrook Village just before 5:25 a.m., said fire Chief Robert Burdette.

The tenant who reported the fire had switched on a light, found that it wasn’t working, then smelled smoke, Burdette said. The tenant had just moved into the building about three weeks earlier.

When emergency crews arrived, no smoke was visible from the outside. However, upon entering the building, firefighters noticed charring around the electrical outlets and light switches, the chief said.

“They opened the wall and found that the fire had traveled up the wall and started to go into the attic space,” he said.

Upon further inspection, they also found that two breakers had blown.

Burdette did not know precisely what sparked the fire, but said that, upon further inspection, they found that two breakers had blown.

Grand Blanc Township police assisted in evacuating the 12 units within the building. Residents in 11 of the affected units were able to return to their homes that morning. The tenant who discovered the fire, and her roommate, were the only ones displaced by the fire.

Firefighters, police and emergency medical personnel were on scene for about three hours.

“Most of it was investigation and talking with building maintenance,” Burdette said.

He reported no injuries.