Emergency sirens to be installed in Clayton Twp.

CLAYTON TOWNSHIP — A grant from the Department of Homeland Security will offset the cost of four more emergency sirens in Clayton Township.

“Approximately 85 to 90 percent of the township will be covered when these sirens are installed,” said Supervisor Chris Gehringer.

The grant will pay 75 percent of the cost to purchase and install the early warning signals on Van Vleet Road south of Bristol Road, McKinley Road south of Potter Road, at Morrish and Corunna roads, and at Beecher and Duffield roads.

In addition, Clayton and Flushing townships will split the cost for a siren at Seymour Elementary, which will serve the north central part of Clayton Township.

Municipalities are responsible for their own power and maintenance expenses, Gehringer said.

Currently, the township has three sirens. They are located on Potter Road near Elms Road, Duffield Road south of Bristol Road and at Corunna and Seymour roads.

In addition, residents along borders with Swartz Creek and Flint Township are covered by sirens positioned in those communities, Gehringer said.

The sirens have about a one-mile radius for sound travel, he said.

“This gives us a lot of coverage,” he said. “The areas that aren’t covered have very little population, and there are other warning systems (such as Reverse 911) available.”

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