Emterra gets contract extension

FLINT TWP. — It’s official. The bright green and white trucks of Emterra Environmental will be collecting your garbage though the year 2019.

About one year after taking over the township’s garbage collection contract from bankrupt Richfield Management LLC, Emterra has proven itself and gained approval for a five-year contract extension.

Richfield had a four-year contract from Jan. 1, 2011 until Dec. 31, 2014. The contract extension begins Jan. 1 2015 and runs through Dec. 31, 2019.

But the township board was divided over extending the contract which nar- rowly passed in a 4-3 vote.

Trustees Frank Kasle and George Menoutes and Treasurer Marsha Binelli voted against it. Kasle and Menoutes also both voted against the original contract with Richfield that was approved in 2010. Former treasurer Sandra Wright also voted against it then.

Menoutes said he would prefer to see the contract put out for bid again.

He favored Republic Services, because he did not believe the lowest bid was always the best.

Kasle also favored seeking bids for a new contract because competitors might now offer a better rate. He said also did not want to bind the township board to a contract extending beyond its current four-year term.

“I think this is going too long,” Kasle said, adding that he has no complaints about Emterra’s service.

His motion to extend the contract only through 2016 was defeated 4-3.

Trustee Belenda Parker commented that she generally would not support such a long contract extension but the original contract allowed for an extension schedule with no expiration date stated.

Miller added that contract extensions are not unprecedented. A previous four-year contract approved in 2000 also was extended for five years, she said.

Dan Garman, an Emterra representative, first approached the township board in October asking to transfer the current contract into Emterra’s name and also to consider the contract extension. He said it would lock in rates and hold costs down.

Original contract rates started at $9.25 per household stop in 2011 and rose incrementally to $9.71 per hh this year and $$9.90 per hh in 2014.

A pricing schedule for the extension shows rates drop back down to $9.45 per household stop in 2015, $9.60 per stop in 2016, $9.75 per stop in 2017, and $9.90 per stop in 2018 and 2019. Rates are about $2 per stop lower for mobile home collections but also fluctuate from a low of $7.20 in 2015 to a high of $7.57 in 2019 up from $7.05 in 2011 at the beginning of the original contract.

The number of stops are determined annually but adjustable at any time, according to the contract.

Miller said the township has nearly 10,000 stops which are tripled when yard waste collection and recycling services are added.

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