Emterra requesting contract extension with Twp.

FLINT TWP. — Almost a year after taking over garbage service, Emterra Environmental USA is asking the township board to consider a contract extension and other minor changes.

Last November, Emterra took over existing garbage service contracts in Flint Township and other Genesee County municipalities after purchasing bankrupt Richfield Management LLC. Richfield had a four-year contract with Flint Township that began Jan. 1, 2011 and ends Dec. 31, 2014.

Dan Garman, an Emterra representative, made a brief presentation to the township board on Oct. 7 asking to transfer the current contract into Emterra’s name and also to consider extending it beyond its expiration at the end of next year.

Garman said Emterra has made improvements in service and communication including remodeling its building on Webster Road and Dort Hwy, retraining employees, refurbishing its trucks and buying several new ones. Communication is better and complaints are fewer, he said.

“Emterra would like to have the contract put in their name for the remainder of the contract,” Garman said.

Supervisor Karyn Miller noted that Garman, on behalf of Emterra, had also submitted a request to renew the contract for five years.

“You would have the same pricing next year and the year after and … actually a reduction in price after the next two years,” Garman said of the contract offer.

Trustee Frank Kasle noted that Emterra was proposing to renew the garbage contract without rebidding it. He acknowledged that the original contract with Richfield allowed for a three to five year extension but said he might be receptive to a extension of fewer than five years.

Garman said the longer term would hold costs down.

Kasle also asked if Emterra’s drivers were union represented. Garman said he would get back to him with an answer because he did not want to misspeak.

Miller asked if other municipalities had approved the offer. Garman said that Davison Township had and others would be approached. Richfield’s waste collection division served about 10 municipalities in Genesee County,

Miller commented that some township residents had commented to her that they would like to see more incentives offered in Emterra’s curbside Recycling Rewards program.

Garman said the program offers more than 300 discounts at any given time on a national basis. Users need to click on the regional ad national buttons at the bottom of the Recycling Rewards website to see additional offers, he said.

Miller said after giving the board time to look over Emterra’s contact renewal request, ti will be put on a future board agenda for consideration.

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