End of the BCS



The college football season — and the BCS — is officially over. The winner of the last BCS game is the Florida State Seminoles. Florida State took down the SEC champ Auburn Tigers, 34-31. This was a tremendous and exciting football game to watch. The Auburn Tigers stunned the “Noles” in the first half going up, 21-3. FSU coach Jimbo Fisher then went for a fake punt on his own end of the field; a huge gamble. Guess what? It worked! I thought that turned the tide (no offence Alabama) for the Florida State football team. They went down and scored a touchdown and it was 21-10 at the half.

The third quarter produced little action, to be honest. The fourth quarter was an entirely different story. The last five minutes of the fourth produced four scores, one field goal and three touchdowns. Wow! Talk about action. Auburn gives up a touchdown kickoff return to trail for the first time ever in the game. I personally found it a little ironic seeing how Auburn defeated Alabama that way with a “kick six” to put Auburn in the title game. Auburn wasn’t going down without a fight. They take it down the field and score with a little over a minute left. Is Auburn a team of destiny? Storybook season and a storybook ending for the Tigers? Answer: nope! Florida State goes the length of the field and scores with 13 seconds left! Game over! Florida State is national champs. The tomahawk chop is in full force in Tallahassee, Florida and Seminole Nation.

The streak of seven straight championships by the SEC was also over. The four-team playoff now takes over for the BCS and I can’t wait because that should be awesome.

The Seminole Nation isn’t the only proud nation in college football. How about the pride beaming through in Spartan Nation!! Yes, it was an awesome display in the 100th Rose Bowl by Michigan State. The Spartans took down Stanford with a late fourth-quarter defensive stop. It’s fitting isn’t it, that the Spartans’ defense decided the football game for them? It was an awesome performance by coach Mark Dantonio’s football squad. They had a 2013 season to remember, for sure! Think back to September and how bad they looked offensively. It was pretty darned ugly. Then Connor Cook took over the quarterback position from Andrew Maxwell and the offense started to improve weekly. I really hope that next season the Spartans can continue their rise in college football. They will start out ranked pretty high in the pre-season polls. They will have the target on their backs, also. They will be the hunted, not the hunter, which will make it tougher.

I thought MSU did the right thing in extending coach Mark Dantonio’s contract. A huge payday for him. He earned it! I will be buying me a Sparty Rose Bowl shirt and wear it proud, I might add.

Time for a winner

The early deadlines last week forced us to miss the firing of head coach “I Know Everything and You Don’t” Jimmy Schwartz. I must admit, I am proud of the Lions ownership for pulling the plug on the Jim Schwartz regime. I feel as though it shows the Detroit Lions are committed to their fans in bringing a winner to the Motor City. The fact they were willing to eat $12 million in salary says something. However, we as Lions fans cannot totally bash the job Schwartz did here in Detroit. He took a job nobody wanted with a team coming off an 0-16 season. He rebuilt it to respectability here in Detroit. He took them to a 2011 playoff appearance against the New Orleans Saints, then it went downhill fast.

A 2012 season produced a 4-12 season then in 2013, an epic collapse is all you can say. How about ZERO WINS in the last two seasons in December? Ouuch! This season started 6-3 and ended up a miserable 7-9. A home playoff game sat under the tree for the Lions gift wrapped. Instead, the Lions became unwrapped faster than a 4- year-old kid opening presents. Matt Stafford regressed as a quarterback, clock management by the coach was laughable and then the fake field goal in Pittsburgh! All of this sealed Jimmy’s fate. The question is, who takes over this talented roster of players who have underachieved the last two seasons?

I feel as though it will be Ken Whisenhunt’s job if he wants it. I think he wants it! He took Arizona to a Super Bowl with Kurt Warner, whose career was supposedly done. He has rejuvenated Phillip Rivers in San Diego at the quarterback position this season. The bottomline is, he has a good track record and should have the experience to take Detroit to the next level. He should also help Matt Stafford’s development. He needs it! I wanted Whisenhunt from the day Jimmy got the ziggy. Please give me my wish Kenny and Lions ownership!

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