ESPN reporter displayed lack of class with comments



There are times I can be a grouch, and I have been called everything from ornery to words I can’t repeat in a family publication. It happens, everyone is human and sometimes we all have a bad day.

But recently ESPN reporter Britt McHenry had not just a bad day after her car was towed from a “no parking” zone, but she blew up at a towing company employee and displayed probably some of the worst behavior I have ever seen.

McHenry, 28, has something of a reputation already as being a diva. She appears to be an elitist snob in the video of her little temper tantrum. She informs the towing company employee that she’s in “the news” and she’s going to sue them for towing her car.

The impound fee on her car was $135.

She goes on to berate the towing company employee, telling the woman she needed to “lose weight” and bragging she was on TV. McHenry added the tow truck company employee was probably living in a trailer.

There were also some disparaging remarks made by McHenry regarding the towing company employee’s presumed lack of education.

McHenry blamed her bullying behavior, all caught on camera at the towing company, on “an intense and stressful moment.”

The whole mess wouldn’t have probably mattered one bit to anyone, except McHenry had to make sure everyone there knew who she was and who she worked for. I’ll bet the towing company people get 50 loudmouths like McHenry every week, and they forget about them by the next day. But because she made sure they all knew who she was, the video was leaked onto the Internet.

Guess who’s “in the news” now Britt?

Certainly not the side of Britt McHenry she wanted on display for everyone to see and probably not the poster child ESPN was hoping for to represent them in public. She could have shown a little class and not proclaimed to the world she was a TV personality, dragging her employer into her bad behavior. Of course, she could have shown even more class and paid the $135 ticket to get her car back and kept her big mouth shut.

Either way, Britt McHenry showed her true colors, and it was one I feel she should have been dismissed over. It lacks class to act that way, and it reflects poorly on your employer to bring them into it when this was clearly a personal matter.

But of course, ESPN gave their spoiled brat a slap on the hand, suspended her for a few days and made her apologize. Too bad Britt McHenry will never have the class, nor the respect, of the late ESPN broadcaster Stuart Scott. Of course, they don’t make newscasters like Scott every day, who have more talent and class in their little finger than a diva like McHenry could ever hope to have.

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