Event at mosque planned Dec. 17

BURTON — In this time of increasing religious intolerance around the world, local Muslims are seeking common ground with their neighbors through an evening of interfaith celebration. On Dec. 17 at 5 p.m. the As-Siddiq Mosque of Burton, 4417 Saginaw St., will host One Love, Two Prophets. Celebrating Jesus and Muhammad. Islam is the faith of 1.6 billion people around the world, and is practiced by about 3.3 million Americans. Yet few Americans are familiar with this Abrahamic faith.

Many people don’t realize that Jesus appears in the pages of the Qu’ran, or that Muslims love and respect him as a great prophet. The hosts of we invite you to a celebration of the common teachings of Jesus and Muhammad.

The evening will feature the recitation of Jesus’s story from the Qu’ran as well as traditional songs celebrating the Prophet Muhammad. Guests will be invited to share fellowship – and delicious hors d’ouevres. Speakers will include local faith and community leaders. — G.G.

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