Express your views, skip the attacks on others

I read with amusement the Anne Fischer article of Feb. 4. While I respect the “right” to voice her view, it signifies the epitome of propaganda and cult thought – exactly what she proclaims. I bet many did not know what “insurrection” actually meant before Jan. 6, 2021. I do agree, however, the events in the Capitol are not acceptable.

With that being said, I remember when journalism was “reporting”, not filled with opinion and conjecture. An unbiased report, instead of emotion filled rhetoric. When late TV was entertainment instead of political positioning (Saturday Night Live was an exception – satire). Back in the day it was said violence in cartoons are ruining youth and causing violent tendencies.

I watched and listened intently well before the election of 2016. When statements were claimed as utter lies (let me mention editing to assert most claims), only two to three weeks later being proven true. To have heard (repeatedly “reported”) to confront those working for the administration – no matter where it was. When internet social media was not “censored” for the good of everyone, instead of a pick-n-choose mentality and a political appearance.

I have observed in Washington, DC, the incapacity to work for the American People, but instead being laser focused on one thing – do I have to spell that out for you? I hope not but have doubts.

I lived through assassinations of a President, a Senator, a great Civil Rights leader and the attempt on another President. I have lived through the entire space program, from Mercury to the shuttle and now Mars. I have lived to see telephones go from a plug on a wall, to your pocket with video capabilities (do you remember the Jetson’s?).

I have seen computers become a household item – we were not allowed to have a calculator to use in school! I could go on. Progress can be good of course, for the right reasons. It is a part of everyday life.

She quotes Voltaire, but have you heard the expression, “History repeats itself?” When history is erased, it is a sad state. History is taken out of history books; historical sites have been destroyed – this is good?

Have you ever heard, “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”? If not, look it up. You ask about the definition of propaganda – “information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.” Take a good look at that definition.

So, claim those things you want as your view – it is your “right” to do so. Please skip the hypocrisy and attacks for having a different view. — Randy Carrels, Davison