Fat Guy flagged for roughing!

Fat Guy Corner



The NFL had some wild finishes, questionable officiating and some devastating injuries this past weekend. The ending of the Denver and Chicago game was epic and Chicago was victorious on a last-second field goal. There was a brutal roughing-the-passer call, which was phantom, so the zebras played a part in the Chicago victory. These roughing-the-passer calls are absolute jokes. How can a defensive player sack a quarterback anymore? The answer is, you can’t, and it’s wrecking the NFL as far as I am concerned. The amount of flags are making the NFL unwatchable, if you ask me. I find myself looking for yellow laundry on the field after every single play!

The New Orleans Saints and Pittsburgh Steelers suffered quarterback injuries with the Steelers losing Big Ben for the season (elbow surgery). The Drew Brees injury of his thumb will make him sit out until November. Those are two pretty good football teams that will need to have production from their backup quarterbacks.

Give the W to the Lions

The Detroit Lions won their home opener 13-10 in a defensive battle over the Los Angeles Chargers. The kickers also struggled for both teams with missed field goals and a Lions’ missed extra point. However, I can say Matt Prater has been stellar in a Lions uniform, so he gets a free pass from me. I admit calling game two of the season a must-win is an extreme statement, but for the Lions, it was mustwin! It sure was an ugly win, but a win is a win in the NFL. The Lions get credit for picking themselves up off the mat after the Arizona meltdown. The Lions are undefeated. How about that? The Lions will hit the road and play Philadelphia on Sunday. I see the Lions getting a beat down in Philadelphia Sunday afternoon. The Crystal cheeseball prediction: Fly, Eagles, Fly 23 and Motor City Kittys Litterbox 13.

Sparty trips over Arizona

The Spartans failed to realize that Herm Edwards, coach of Arizona State, plays to win the game! The Sun Devils pulled out a 10-7 win over MSU. The special teams mistake of having 12 men on the field cost the Spartans a game-tying field goal at the end of the game. The second kick by Matt Coghlin was hooked way left and the Spartans lose a tough one.

The Spartans’ offense was brutal and it needs to improve. The Spartans return to Big Ten play at Northwestern. The kickoff is high noon! I like MSU to rebound in a defensive slugfest. The prediction: Sparty Party 17 and Purple Cats 13.

The Wolverines will also kick off at noon in Madison, Wisconsin against the Badgers. The boys in Vegas have installed the Badgers as roughly a fieldgoal favorite. I know the Wolverines have not been impressive, to say the least, so far in 2019! However, the Badgers have played South Florida and Central Michigan blowing both teams off the football field. How does blowing out those two teams carry any weight I ask? Too much love being given to the eaters of cheese in Wisconsin! This game will be a low-scoring tilt decided by a turnover in the fourth quarter. The prediction: Big Blue 16 and Little Red 13.

Kronwall hangs up the skates

The Detroit Red Wings have opened up training camp minus one of my favorite hockey players in Niklas Kronwall. The long-time defenseman has retired. Was there anything better than watching him “Kronwall” opponents? The 38-year-old played in more than 1,000 games and 15 seasons for the Red Wings. I loved watching him play and am sad he is no longer on the ice. Thanks for the memories, Mr. Kronwall.

Sad ending for Tigers

The baseball season has two weeks left and it can’t end quickly enough for the Detroit Tigers! The Tigers are at 104 losses with a few more to come yet in 2019. It sure has been tough to watch them this season.

The NFL picks are next…
Tennessee -2 over JACKSONVILLE
Denver + 7.5 over GREEN BAY
PHILADELPHIA – 6 over Detroit
Baltimore + 6.5 over KANSAS CITY
Cincinnati + 6 over BUFFALO
INDIANAPOLIS – 2.5 over Atlanta
NEW ENGLAND – 20 over New York Jets
DALLAS – 21 over Miami
TAMPA BAY – 6.5 over New York Giants
New Orleans + 5 over SEATTLE
L.A. Rams – 2.5 over CLEVELAND
Chicago – 4 over WASHINGTON
LAST WEEK: 6-10 (OUCH); SEASON: 16-15-1