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Clean sweep

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Take that, Cleveland Indians; three straight losses to the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park.

Yes, our beloved Tigers swept the Tribe and lengthened their lead in the American League Central Division. The suprise was that they did it without Justin Verlander on the hill. I feel as though that is a tremendous boost when you can sweep the second-place team without throwing your ace.

Numerous Tiger fans, including the Fat Guy, was questioning the strategy of manager Jimmy Leyland. Leyland could have thrown Verlander, as the Tigers had Thursday off. I guess Leyland looks like the smart one now. I am getting very discouraged by Rick Porcello’s performances on the mound, however. He has been rocked in his last three starts. Heck, he can’t get past the fifth inning even! I feel as though he has better stuff than that and he needs to trust his “out” pitches. He looks like he has zero confidence out on the mound. If the Tigers are to make noise in October, Mr. Porcello needs to contribute in the win column.

While I am on a roll ” bust out the butter” I am sick and tired of “el fatso” Papa Grande’s stomach and his antics. I am not talking about his fist pumping and spitting water, either. Everytime this guy comes in to close a baseball game, why does he walk the first batter every single time? Tiger fans, do you realize of his 37 saves, only 12 of them have come protecting a one-run lead? That is roughly a third of his saves! The rest of his saves are simply garbage numbers. El Chubby O is Todd Jones and Fernando Rodney reincarinated in the Ole English D. I cannot take watching him strut into the ballgame anymore. Papa Grande is a gas can on the mound, just ready to explode and ignite; trust me on that one. Can we ever just get a real closer in Motown before I kick the bucket! That is not asking for too much, is it? Go Tigers! Broken record

The Lions moved to 2-0 in the pre season this past Friday. They went into Cleveland and won on the road, 30-28. I know it’s just pre-season, but, the Lions need road wins whether it’s regular-season or pre-season. I think winning on the road in the NFL is the toughest thing to accomplish. All NFL teams are so tough at home. We all know how much the Lions have owned on the road over the last decade; not many!

Personally, I thought the “Cryons” first-half performance was dismal. The “Brownies” first stringers far out played the “Kitty Kats” first string players. The best thing to come out of the Browns game was the play of Matt Stafford. Stafford looked really good again delivering the football in the first quarter. He also left the game injury free. I hate sounding like a broken record, but his health is so key to the Lions’

2011 season.

He stays upright, the

Lions win football games.

I am looking forward to Saturday night’s contest between the Patriots and Lions at Ford Field. Game three of the pre-season is the one where the starters play most of the football game. Tom Brady and the Pats will be a good measuring stick for the 2011 Lions’ football team. The “Hoodie” will play his starters at least a half, if not three quarters. The Patriots are good and I think they will be the AFC Champions. Tom Brady the Michigan man is the “Man”. Ford Field, here I come on Saturday night. I am ready for some football!

The “U” looks like it is in big trouble down there in South Beach. The reports of paid players and extravagant parties have some merit to them. All college football fans should keep an eye on this story. It is huge and could change the rules of college football! The “U” could recieve the death penalty if all these so-called allegations come to be true. College football fans, the season is almost here. I will preview the Big Ten teams for you next week! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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