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Bad blood?

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

It’s Monday night and the Pacers have pushed the favored Miami Heat to a game seven. I am really looking forward to watching this hoop game. LeBron James has not received much help from his teammates so far in this series. It has been the LeBron James show one hundred percent. I am not a LeBron hater like many NBA fans are. I think he is the most talented basketball player in the NBA and has been for the last three or four years. I know many hated the Big Three of James, Bosh, and Wade collaborating to win NBA titles. It’s no different than the Lakers having Shaq and Kobe, in my opinion. Heck, the Heat didn’t even win the title in their first year of playing ball together.

I will say, I am rooting for the Pacers tonight in this hoop game. My reason though, is the Heat won a title last season and some new blood in the NBA Finals would be nice. I realize the Spurs are old blood. Let’s be totally honest here, most of us root for the underdog unless our team we root for is the favorite. I think the Pacers will not get blown tonight, but they will lose in a close and heated contest to the Heat. It will be the Spurs and Heat battling it out for the NBA Championship.

I wish the best of luck to ex-Piston Grant Hill, who has decided to retire after a long 19-year career in the NBA. It doesn’t seem like he was in the NBA for that long does it? Detroit was his first stop as an NBA player. Man, time sure did go by fast. Who even remembers Grant Hill as a Piston in those lousy uniforms they wore during his stay in the Motor City?!

Winged Wheels pride

The NHL final four have started their respective series. The Chicago Blackhawks are currently up 2-0 over the defending champion Los Angeles Kings. It looks to me like the Red Wings pushing the Hawks to seven games woke up that hockey team. It would not surprise me at all if Chicago went on to win the Stanley Cup. I think all Red Wings fans should be proud of their hockey club and what they achieved this past season.

Detroit won four games just to slide into the playoffs and keep that streak of 22 consecutive seasons of making the playoffs. They then, as a seven seed, eliminated a good

Anaheim Ducks hockey team that was seeded at number two. Let’s remember they won a game seven on the road, not an easy feat by any stretch of the imagination. They had Chicago one game from elimination for three straight games; a series many thought

Chicago would win in five or six games.

The game seven played last week was one awesome hockey game, I thought. Detroit played its hockey hearts out and could have won another game seven on the road. When you look back at all the injuries suffered by the Wings to main players and veteran players, then throw in no training camp for all the youth at the blue line, it was a remarkable season and a lot to look forward to next hockey season. My prediction is a Original Six match up of Boston and Chicago for the Stanley Cup. Chicago will win it all and take Lord Stanley to the windy city for the summer.

Going up in flames

The Tigers’ Papa poo poo looked good the other night in Baltimore, didn’t he? Let’s face it manager Jimmy Leyland, he stinks and hasn’t changed one bit. He is a liability on the mound every time he pitches. He’s a gas can who can light up on one single pitch and go up in flames. Do you baseball fans realize of all the division leaders, the Tigers have the worst record of all? Well, now you do! I think it’s pitiful with all that talent offensively and on the pitching mound. Jimmy Leyland drives me crazy managing this team. I wish he would retire.

Can anyone get out Miguel Cabrera? I could watch him hit 24 hours-a-day. He is worth the price of admission every single trip to the plate. I would not count out another Triple Crown bid at all.

Final leg: One last thing, don’t forget the third leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown this Saturday, the Belmont Stakes. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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