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Time for a change

The NBA Finals are all knotted up at 1-1 after two games on Miami’s home floor. The Spurs stole game one despite LeBron’s triple double in the loss. King James didn’t play a great game in game two, but his teammates sure did. The series now shifts to San Antonio for three games.

I think the NBA needs to get rid of the two-three-two format for the NBA Finals. I think the team with the three middle home games are at a huge disadvantage. Why? The odds of a team winning three straight games is just not very easy to do. Do you really think the Spurs will win three straight ball games? Nope, me neither. I think the Spurs will win two of them, however, and I am still sticking with the Spurs to win the NBA Championship. Stay tuned.

Sticking to NBA news, our home town Detroit Pistons have settled on Maurice Cheeks as the the new coach. Boy, I am so excited about this recycled hire. This will be Mo’s third stint as a head coach. The “Jailblazers” of Portland and Philadelphia were his previous stops. How about the solid 284- 286 career record on the bench as a coach? Are you excited yet? Me neither! How about his three playoff trips all first-round ousters? Are you excited yet? Me neither! Oh, how I can’t wait to see Mo Cheeks turn this program at the Palace around! I say, good luck Mo, and good luck Detroit Pistons! Everyone, in your best voice say DDDDDDeeeeeeeeeeeeeetroit Basketball!

Listening to the gut

The Stanley Cup Finals feature two Original Six teams as predicted by me. The Cup starts Wednesday night in Chicago. Who will you be rooting for? The Blackhawks or the Bruins? I have to say, I can’t, and don’t want to, root for either team. I don’t like either one of these teams. I believe the Bruins are on a good roll right now, especially defensively. They held the high-flying Pittsburgh Penguins to a couple of goals and swept them right out of the playoffs. Nobody saw that one coming. The Chicago team is way more talented offensively, I believe. I see the Blackhawks actually winning the Stanley Cup in six games. My gut hunch is the Boston Bruins won’t be able to match the Hawks offensively to win.

Puddle jumping

The U.S.Open is this week at Merion Golf Club in Pennsylvania. The 113th

U.S. Open has an awesome pairing of Adam Scott, Tiger Woods, and Rory McIlroy. How sweet is that with the three playing together? I say real sweet.

Merion last hosted the U.S.

Open in 1981. I was in high school to show how long ago that was! The course has taken on a lot of rain and will be firm and fast. The rough will be very rough. These golfers will really want to keep their tee shots in the fairway. Big Ernie Els says once in the rough you might only be able to advance the ball 120-140 yards! Ouch! That is some tough action, my friends.

This golf tournament is fun to watch because it makes the professional golfer look human on the golf course. These professionals will hack it around like all of us other hacks. I say, watch the U.S. Open for that reason alone. Another reason to watch is Tiger Woods’ attempt to break his Major Golf Championship drought. Will he break through this weekend? I don’t know, but it’s another reason to watch. This is my second favorite golf tournament other than the Masters.

Lane changing

The NASCAR circuit heads to Michigan International Speedway this weekend. The race takes off at 1 p.m. I know fan favorite Dale Earnhardt Jr. will have many supporters rooting him on this weekend. I will be rooting for whoever I draw in my NASCAR pool (for entertainment purposes only) to win. Carl Edwards let me down last weekend. I think it will be Jeff Gordon who gets the job done on Sunday. Gentlemen, start your engines! All you gear heads enjoy yourselves this weekend and don’t drink too many barley pops!

Tidbit: The Tigers sweep the Indians and have a nice 5.5 game lead on the division. The Tigers are the only ones over .500! They might lock this up around the All-Star break! thefatguy@mihomeapper.com.

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