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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The NBA Finals finished up last week the way many NBA fans thought they would. Yes, the Miami Heat got the job done against the San Antonio Spurs in seven games. The Spurs absolutely blew their chance to win the series by blowing game six. The Spurs had a five-point lead with 20 seconds left and couldn’t close the deal. The game-six win carried over into game seven for LeBron James and company, as the Spurs couldn’t rally for a gameseven victory.

LeBron James has now won backto back NBA titles. LeBron has validated his status as the best in the NBA with his play in this year’s playoffs.

The comparisons between him and Michael Jordan will really start to heat up starting next season. I love LeBron, but MJ was the man and will be probably be the man in my lifetime.

The question now becomes, will the Miami Heat’s “Big Three” stay together for another run at a title? Dwyane Wade is a banged up mess healthwise. Chris Bosh, well, who knows what he will do in the offseason.

The NBA draft is Thursday night and the Pistons once again are picking in the top 10. The Pistons’ last three selections have been good ones in Greg Monroe, Brandon Knight and Andre Drummond. All three of those picks have been solid. No Darko in those selections. The next Piston drafted on Thursday, I have no idea who it will be. I will be anxious to see for myself. Vander Blue from Marquette is the name that keeps surfacing in the rumor mill. The NBA draft is such a crap shoot, I believe, anyway. One more thing. How does Joe Dumars still have his job? Someone answer that one please.

And the cup goes to…

The Stanley Cup Finals could be over tonight ( Monday) as the Blackhawks could closed out the

Boston Bruins in six games. I hope they do because that would make my prediction come true and make me look good. It also would make Red Wings fans feel a little better about being eliminated by the eventual

Stanley Cup champions.

Okay, it still hurts, but it sounded good. I really have enjoyed watching these two hockey clubs do battle. It has been one of the better Stanley Cup Finals in a while.

Cold sweat

The Tigers have finally come out of their fantasy closer nightmare. They actually woke up in a cold sweat realizing that Papa Grande wasn’t going to cut it as the Detroit Tigers’ closer. The “Grande” stood for large mistake. Jose Valverde’s pitching career, I truly believe, is officially over as a pitcher. Nobody in MLB is going to sign him. He lacked speed on his fastball and had no confidence in other pitches. I wish him well in life, but he will no longer irritate the dog crap out of me. I was getting to the point where I couldn’t even watch him enter the ball game.

The Tigs must now search for a closer via trade. The trading deadline always produces a closer from a team who is out of the race. The Tigers are kidding themselves if they think they can do the closerby committee trick. That trick never works.

All Tigers fans stay tuned. The Max Scherzer story is unbelievable. He has started the season 11-0. He also has received the most run support of any starting pitcher in baseball. The Tigers average almost seven runs per start for Max. I bet Verlander wonders why they don’t hit for him. The Tigers are starting to hit the baseball again; I like seeing that!! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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