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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

It’s July fourth, which means firecrackers and fireworks! Everyone be careful this Thursday and this weekend lighting your fireworks! Safety first, I say! The Detroit Tigers have lit my firecracker fuse here in the last week. I am about to light up the sky with my displeasure right now for this ball club. The bullpen is an absolute darned mess. The opposing teams are breaking up fights at the bat rack when the Tigers’ bullpen come into the ball game. There is not one pitcher out there who I have any confidence in when they enter the ball game. Do any of you have confidence in these clowns? The large man, Rondon, is a total waste. He can’t throw strikes. Phil Coke ryhmes with joke and choke, take your pick of words. Albequerque pitches like he took a wrong turn in Albequerque. This mess needs to get cleaned up or the Tigers are going no where come October. Here we are one week from the All-Star break and the underachieving Tigers are tied up with the Cleveland Indians for first place. I have stated numerous times how they should win this division by 10 games or more. It was only one week ago they had a five-game lead! This team is limping into the All-Star break once again! Hey, Tigers, pull your heads out of your Tiger tails and start playing some baseball! Miguel and Max, you both get passes from my me!! I think I am heading down Friday night to the series opener between the Tigers and Indians in Cleveland. This is a big series in my opinion. I bet all three games are sell outs and Jacobs Field will be rocking.

The NHL draft took place this past week and the Red Wings chose Anthony Mantha. Mantha was the only 50-goal scorer in this year’s draft. He is very talented offensively and can put the puck in the net.

He needs to work on being a complete hockey player. The Red Wings will give him time to mature and work himself on to the hockey club.

The Red Wings also selected Zach Nastasiuk, who has good size and tremendous work ethic. Then a familiar last name was drafted, Bertuzzi.

Yes, Tyler Bertuzzi, who is related to Todd Bertuzzi, was also selected by the Red Wings. The scouting department of the Red Wings is number one in the NHL. I trust anyone the Detroit brass select just because of their proven track record. Detroit will move these players along slowly in the minors just like they always do.

The NBA draft last Thursday was one of the most bizarre drafts I have ever watched. There were way too many players drafted who were then traded to other teams. Trey Burke was one of them, drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves, and then traded to the Utah Jazz. I thought it was so hard to keep track of what teams had what players. I didn’t like it at all. I do like that Tim Hardaway Jr. is now a New York Knick. He should fit in good there. Good luck getting any shots off, though, as Carmelo Anthony hates to pass the ball. The Pistons drafted a guard from Georgia in Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. He is a shooting guard. who can shoot the basketball. That is about all I know about him. Stay tuned. thefatguy@mihomepaper.com.

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