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Upside down, inside out

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The MLB trade deadline is July 31, which will have come and gone by time you read this column. The Tigers made a move to strengthen the bullpen and acquired relief pitcher Jose Veras from the Houston Astros. The name scares me because it’s too close to the name Jose Valverde! I am just saying. Veras has bounced around baseball the last few seasons with stints in Florida in 2010, Pittsburgh in 2011 and Milwaukee in 2012. This season in Houston, he is 0-4 with a 2.93 ERA and has 19 saves. The 32- year-old right-hander has some experience at least. As an Astro, Jose struck out 44 in 43 innings and only walked 14 hitters. I think that is a pretty decent ratio. The Tigers, deep down, knew they needed bullpen help and this is a good move, I believe.

The Tigers didn’t have to give up much in Class A outfielder Danry Vasquez. Vasquez is young at 19- years old. He was hitting .281 with five home runs at Class A West Michigan. We can’t forget the old player-to-be-named-later also will be heading to Houston. I say, send them Jose Valverde! Houston needs a team mascot and a cheerleader, I hear. I believe, as usual, there will be buyers and sellers Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

The name Jake Peavy is high in the rumor mill. He will say goodbye to the Chicago White Sox. The big question is, are the Detroit Tigers done? I don’t think so. I look for one more move out of Detroit. Detroit might need a new shortstop if Jhonny Peralta is suspended from this Biogenisis drug scandal. The baseball world might be turned upside down here later this week when the punishments are handed out. A-Rod is looking at a possible lifetime banishment if he don’t take a plea deal! Stay tuned, baseball fans. It could be a shocker of a week in major league baseball. Drug suspensions and trades will dominate the baseball world.

Lions murmurs

The NFL training camps are in full swing here in late July. The news out of Detroit’s camp has been pretty quiet so far. That, to me, is a good thing. When you look at some of the injuries that have crippled some big name players already. The tight end in Baltimore, Dennis Pitta, gone for the season. Jeremy Macklin, the wideout in Philadelphia, gone for the season. Those are tough to take if you’re a fan of those two teams. The “Lie Downs” need to come out of camp healthy and especially healthy to the big stars. I fear for Reggie Bush because he is injury prone throughout his career in the NFL. The same can be said for Stafford in his first two years, also. We cannot leave out half a season one player Louis Delmas, either. Delmas needs to play an entire football season. The Lions secondary is so much better when he is in the football game and not on the sidelines in street clothes. Another thing to watch in camp and pre-season games is this offensive line. No more Backus or Cherilus. It will be new faces, so let’s see if they can gel and block anyone. I believe keeping Stafford upright is important here in 2013! I am sure you all agree with me, too, on that one. I know personally, I am excited to see what Reggie Bush brings to this year’s Lions football team and running game. I think he will be exciting to watch and it should make the Lions one of the most explosive offensive teams in the NFL. Detroit should score points faster than I can unwrap a Ho Ho and candy bar. I can unwrap both at one time, by the way, my talent is incredible. I really feel the defense will be improved enough to stop the opposition this season. Oh, Detroit Lions are you gonna SNORE or ROAR in 2013? We want ROAR, not all snoring of the past two decades, please!


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