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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Bartender, slide the Fat Guy another blue Kool Aid on the rocks! Heck, make it a double!

The Lions, for the first time in a decade, have me fired up! I went down to the Saturday night game against the New England Patriots at Ford Field. The Lions’ first stringers totally dominated the Patriots’ first stringers. Tom Brady, the New England quarterback, was running for his life from the defensive front four of the Lions. The pressure was collapsing the pocket and made it a tough night on one Mr. Brady. I don’t remember Brady under so much pressure in a pre-season game, ever! It’s so hard to believe the Lions’ defense is actually pretty darned good. Let’s toss in the fact that Kyle Vanden Bosch didn’t suit up or number one draft pick Nick Fairley. It will be a joy to watch the Lions front four chase quarterbacks all season long.

Let’s also end the discussion of Suh being a dirty football player. He is not! He plays hard and takes no back seat to anyone! He will play physical and nasty with plenty of attitude. He is the leader of the defense and his attitude is carrying over to the rest of the defense. I have watched pitiful football from the Lions, especially defensively, over the past decade. This will not be a year of pitiful football. If, by chance, the Lions defeat the Buffalo Bills and go 4-0 in the preseason, good for the Lions. However, the first idiot who says ‘yeah they went 4-0 in pre season and then went 0-16’, I might slug ’em in the chops! This, my fellow Lions fans, is a good football team and will win their share of games in 2011. Will they make the playoffs? Probably not. Playoff talk will be running high in 2012, though. The pieces of the puzzle are assembled, but a few pieces still need to be put together.

One more thing on the Lions, please. Matt Stafford took some hits from the Patriots’ defense and he got right up on his feet. Stafford will be healthy here in 2011, so everyone quit worrying. I have spoken. Bring on the regular season, please. Suzy, give me some aspirin, please, I have Detroit Lions fever!

College football season kicks off on Thursday night and a full slate of games on Saturday. The Spartans play Friday night at home against Youngstown State. I think the the Spartans will be alright in this gridiron tilt. This game will be a blowout and should be over by halftime. This is simply a tuneup for the

Spartys. I look for numerous touchdowns from the Spartans’ offense. No upset in this one.

The Wolverines will take on the Western Michigan Broncos. The Big House will be full and the Brady Hoke era will begin. Michigan is a two-touchdown favorite over the boys from Kalamazoo. The big story will be the Michigan defense. How improved will it be here in 2011? Can’t be worse, can it? The answer is, NO!

Football season has arrived. The first crystal cheese ball prediction of 2011: Hoke Amania Denard runs wild 37 and The Boo Who Zoo 20. Give me Oregon over the LSU bar fighters on Saturday night.

The Tigers’ Justin Verlander takes down the Minnesota ” Twinkies” and wins his 20th game of the season. It is so awesome to see a Tigers’ pitcher win 20 games. The bonus is, he has the whole month of September to add to his superb and magical season he has going. I’ll say this, his 20th victory wasn’t pretty, but he got it done. Hopefully, the rest of the staff picks up the pace the rest of the way here in September. We, as Tiger fans, would love to see some October baseball played in Comerica Park. I do know this, no other team in the American League wants to face Justin Verlander twice in a five-game series. The month of September will be awesome here in the Motor City with the excitement of both cats, the Lions and Tigers. Go Kitty Kats and Tigs!

Next week my NFL picks will be ready to roll! the fatguy@mihomepaper.com

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