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Putting on a thrashing

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Spartys and Wolverines kicked off the 2011 college football season with victories. The Spartans opened up on a Friday night under the lights special at home.Itwasaaho-humaffair against the Youngstown State Penguins. The Sparty’s won, 28-6. I would love to say the Spartans looked awesome and fabulous. The truth was, they didn’t. It is a good thing MSU had a cup cake special on the schedule or the results might have been different. The bottom line is the Spartans are 1-0 on the young season.

The Michigan Wolverines and the Brady Hoke era opened up with a 34-10 game shortened by lightning victory. The game was called late in the third quarter after two rain delays. I must say, the boys from Kalamazoo, Michigan the Western Michigan Broncos looked real good on their first drive of the football game. I thought, here we go, same old Michigan defense of the past three years! However, the defense recovered and got better as the game went along. The defense, however, is a long way from being top notch by the way! Improvement is all Michigan fans are looking for at this point. I think that they are improved. Michigan now gets ready for the under the lights in Ann Arbor come Saturday night when the Notre Dame “Fighting Irish” come to town. The Notre Dame football team was shocked by South Florida at home

Do you believe the 18-2 Sunday night thrashing administered by the Tigs? How sweet it was to watch. How many swear words to you think Ozzie Guillen muttered over those three days. The Saturday game was one for the ages as Detroit trailed, 8-1, and won it in dramatic fashion in the bottom of the ninth. Rayburn hit a two-run dinger, then the big man Miguel ended it with a long fly to the left field seats. My Ole English D hat fell right off my head as I jumped off of the couch. When you win games like that, it is your year and 2011 is the year of the T-I-G-E-R-S!! Hear them RRRoooaaaRRR!

The crystal cheese ball—ham and onion by the way—is plugged in as I write this. I have been predicting games for the newspaper for a long time now. I am one of the better football handicappers you’ll ever read. Trust me, when I say that! I have been over the .500 mark all but one season. I can tell you picking games against the spread is not an easy thing to do on a weekly basis. Yes, some weeks you will be awful.

However, remember, it is a marathon and not a sprint to the end of the season. If you like to make friendly wagers, pay attention to my selections and you will put a little cabbage in your pocket. Use the picks for your office football polls if you want. Play along every week and see how good you pick them! I will give you my lock pick of the week and that is the team I think will really get it done that week. Hopefully, I don’t pull a Lion’s trick and go 0-16! Lions, I wish you good luck on Sunday in Tampa Bay. A road win would be nice to start the season! Let’s start picking! Roll’em Kieth…. N.Orleans + 4 over GREEN BAY Pittsburgh + 2.5 over BALTIMORE Detroit + 1.5 over TAMPA BAY Atlanta – 3 over CHICAGO Buffalo + 6.5 over KANSAS CITY Indianapolis + 9 over HOUSTON ST. LOUIS + 4.5 over Philadelphia CLEVELAND – 6.5 over Cincinatti Tennessee + 3 over JACKSONVILLE WASHINGTON + 3 over New York Giants ARIZONA -7 over Carolina Seattle + 5.5 over SAN FRANCISCO SAN DIEGO -9 over Minnesota NEW YORK JETS – 4 over Dallas MIAMI + 7 over New England DENVER – 3 over Oakland LOCK PICK= Atlanta thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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