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Burning up with fever

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Please pass the thermometer! I think I have a case of Detroit Lions fever. The Lions temperature is running high, as was the temperature last Sunday in Tampa, Florida. The game-time temperature was close to 100 degrees on the field.

What also was hot, was the Lions offense. Matty Stafford and company looked awfully darned good to me. Calvin Johnson showed us why he is really ready to make the leap to elite status in the NFL as a wide receiver, catching two touchdown passes on the afternoon. The running game was mediocre, but good enough for now. It is still a huge concern for me and it must improve as the season goes forward. I thought Stafford’s performance under center was exactly why Detroit took him number one in the draft. He looked comfortable and confident. I see numerous points being put up on the ole digital scoreboard for the Lions. I am so glad the “Lions Hype” is reality and not just hype. This Lions team is a darned good football team! Say it again, Lions fans, a darned good football team! I realize it’s been a decade since those words could even be uttered out of Lions fans mouths.



The Lions’ record in four of the last five years to the start of the season has been 0-4, 1-8, 0-11 and 0-5. The start of the 2011 season has produced a road victory and a nice 1-0 start to the season. I really feel like the Lions will crush the Kansas City “Chefs” at Ford Field on Sunday. Here is a crazy thought… When can you remember the Lions being nine-point favorites to win a football game? The Lions have the boys from Las Vegas drinking the Kool Aid, too!! Could this be the a magical season in Motown? I think maybe, just maybe, it can. Go Lions, and please smoke the Chefs right out of the kitchen on Sunday afternoon. Tiger Fever

Someone wash off the thermometer and take my temperature again. I think I have a case of Tigers’ fever also. The Detroit Tigers are hotter than asphalt pavement on a 100-degree day in August. It’s a streak of 11 games (as of Tuesday night) and Justin Verlander won his 23rd game and his 11th straight game. Justin is the first Tiger pitcher to win 11 straight since Hal Newhouser in 1946. This Verlander cat has the Cy Young award all locked up and we are only halfway through September. That alone is impressive and states what kind of season he is having. The fact he is in the MVP conversation is sweet.

However, I don’t feel as though a pitcher should ever be considered for the MVP award. The MVP is for an everyday player who gets it done day in and day out. I know some disagree and they are entitled to there opinion. One thing is, the Tigers going to the World

Series in 2011 is not a pipe dream.

The New York Yankees, Boston

Red Sox, and Texas

Rangers/L.A. Angels are not playing as well as the Tigs. If the playoffs started today, I would love the Tigs’ chances. I remain cautious, as a lot can change in baeball in two weeks. Hurry up October, and get here so we can start the playoffs here in the Big D. Instant replay

The college football season had an instant classic in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Saturday. The first night game in the Big House was a game of the ages if your a Wolverine fan, and not so much if you support the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Notre Dame blew a huge lead and Michigan scored with two seconds left for the victory. Michigan did not deserve to win the football game as the Irish outplayed them all game long. For all the maize and blue fans, don’t be tricked by this victory. The Wolverines have a lot of work to do before they are back in the picture as an elite football program. Take the victory and move on. The Spartans travel down to Notre Dame and bring with them a 2-0 record, which is two victories over cream puffs. The Spartys will be tested in this one. We will see how good the green and white are after this weekend.

I had a horrible start to week one; ouuchhhieee. A better week, this week……

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