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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Detroit Lions have started the 2011 NFL campaign undefeated. Yes, the Kitty Cats are off to a 2-0 start. The Kansas City Chiefs’ peace pipes went up in smoke, 48-3, on Sunday. It was the largest margin of victory ever for the Detroit Lions’ football squad. I would have thought the Lions had won by a bigger margin given the long history of the Lions. Oh well. The Honolulu and Blue bandwagon only has so many seats left on it. I suggest to all you skeptical Lions fans that you grab a seat and enjoy the ride. We all know as Lions fans, the caboose has been a popular seat with this football team. The Lions are becoming the lead engine and you can see it happening right before our very eyes.

The offense looks fabulous with number nine running the show. He only tossed four touchdown passes on Sunday afternoon. The receiving corps is downright tremendous. The offensive line, which has been a typical weak spot, looks pretty solid so far. Matt Stafford has not been knocked around too much in the pocket. The defense looks real good, even the so-called weak secondary. How much fun is it right now to be a Lions fan? I say darned fun! Lions mania is running rampant, as the whole state is gathering Lions steam. Come on Lions, keep that locomotive going full steam ahead! Next up on the schedule is a trip to take on the “Horny Helmets” of Minnesota. The early line out of Vegas is the Lions are 3-1/2 point favorites! The Lions favored on the road? Wow, how times have changed for the Motor City Kittys. I love it! Shedding a tear

The Detroit Tigers clinched a playoff spot out in Oakland over the weekend. The old Tiger skipper Jimmy Leyland got a little teary eyed after the clinching game. He thanked the fans of Detroit for sticking by the ball club during these tough economic times. One thing about the State of Michigan, they will stick by the Tigers through thick and thin. I personally have never seen so many Tiger hats, shirts, jackets, and hoodies with the Tiger emblems. It is nice to see the Tigers being supported so well. Many of the so-called experts thought the American League Central was the weak sister for the up coming American League Playoffs. I say, throw that out the window. I feel as though the Tigers are the favorites if the playoffs started today. Hurry up, October, I am ready for some playoff baseball.

How about Justin Verlander on Sunday against Oakland? He was so dominant and his dominance picked up his

24th win and moved his record to

24-5. A message to the American

League. Good luck beating J.V. in


Let’s stick to baseball. How about the potential collapse in Bean

Town? The Red Sox, the

2011 chalk bet to represent the American

League in the World

Series, better check their rearview mirrors. The

Tampa Bay Rays are only two games behind the almighty Sox. Panic is the word in Boston right now. I can’t blame them given some of the history of Boston. I bet there are a few Boston Red Sox fans out on the ledge. Personally, I hope the Rays catch them. It just goes to show you that games are not won on paper; you must get it done between the chalk lines. Boston is not getting it done on the field. The word choke keeps popping up in my head. Baseball, I love it. Pigskin drama

The Spartys lost to Notre Dame finally on Saturday. I thought it was a tough spot for the Spartans as Notre Dame’s season was on the line. That would have been three straight losses by the Irish to open the season. The Spartys are still a good football team and they will bounce back.

Speaking of bouncing back, my NFL picks returned to over .500. The crystal cheese ball has all the mold off it now. Here are this week’s selections. Roll’em Buddy… San Francisco + 1 over CINCINATTI BUFFALO + 9 over N. England N. ORLEANS -3.5 over Houston PHILADELPHIA – 6 over N.Y. Giants Miami +3 over CLEVELAND TENNESSEE – 7 over Denver MINNESOTA + 3.5 over Detroit CAROLINA – 3.5 over Jacksonville Kansas City + 14.5 over SAN DIEGO OAKLAND + 3.5 over N.Y. Jets Baltimore – 4 over ST. LOUIS Atlanta + 1 over TAMPA BAY SEATTLE + 3 over Arizona Green Bay – 3.5 over CHICAGO Pittsburgh – 10 over Indianapolis DALLAS – 6 over Washington LAST WEEK 9-6-1 SEASON 13-17-2 LOCK 0-1-1

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