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Amazing comeback?

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

What an amazing comeback by the Detroit Lions this past Sunday! The “not the same old Lions” trailed by 20 points at half-time in Minnesota. They looked downright pitiful, to be really kind. Number nine could not hit the broadside of a barn and the “O”-line could not stop the vicious Minny Haha pass rush. The “D” couldn’t stop the Minny Haha “O”-fense.

Let’s state the obvious, previous Lions’ teams of the past decade would have picked up their footballs and jumped on the plane with another blowout loss. The second half produced offense and points and the Lions came roaring back. They roared to an overtime victory, 26- 23. The victory threw out a disgusting 13-game losing streak on the road to the Vi-Queens. The last 10 or so games played by the Lions have seen numerous ugly streaks destroyed. The confidence of this football team is growing like a Chia Pet and I love it. It’s the first time Detroit has been 3-0 to start a season since 1980 and the Billy Sims ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ football team.



The bandwagon will now have to install more seats, as Lions’ fans will hop on board. Beep Beep, look out, the Honolulu Blue train is rolling at a high rate of speed. We fans, who have followed this team through thick and (mostly) thin for the last decade, can bust out the Lions’ paraphernalia. Wear it proud and enjoy this NFL football season. The Lions have arrived and are going to compete for a playoff spot.

Here is a little percentage for you to store in your coconut. NFL teams who start out 3-0 make the playoffs 77 percent of the time. That’s a pretty strong number, if you love the Lions.

Calvin Johnson, you are the man and your long over due credit is coming as an elite receiver in the NFL. How about a Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions Super Bowl? I am just saying! Detroit will travel to take on the Dallas Cowgirls next Sunday. Go Lions!! Nearing the finish line

The baseball regular season ended Wednesday night. The Tigers, Yankees, and Rangers are in. So, who will be the wild-card team? The Boston “I am choking on a chicken bone” Red Sox or the Tampa Bay “Rays of Sunshine”? The Boston Red Sox and their huge payroll are on the verge of an epic collapse. Once considered a playoff lock, the Sox are locked into a September funk. No relation to Fred Funk, the professional golfer, I might add. The wild-card race is preventing American League teams from knowing who they will play in October. The Detroit Tigers might not know until Wednesday night who they will play. There is also the possibility of a one-game playoff between the Sox and Rays. A crazy end to the baseball season, for sure.

How about the standing ovation for Justin

Verlander on Saturday night? Justin was going for his 25th victory of the season. He could not push his record to 25-5. The good news is, Justin didn’t take the loss and he finished with a record of 24-5. The Cy Young is Verlander’s.

However will the MVP trophy also be added to his trophy cabinet? I know this, he will pitch game one of the playoffs. Let’s all hope it’s a Tiger victory! I can’t wait.

Another thought…is Jimmy Leyland manager of the year? I could make a solid case for that one. Go Tigers ! Mismatched laundry

The college football scene had MSU whipping up on CMU. The game was a total mismatch. The Spartans now go down to the horseshoe in Columbus, Ohio Saturday. This is a winnable game for the green and white, because the Buckeyes are not the dominant team they have been for the last five years. I’m calling for the upset special! Sparty’s 27 and Yuckeyes 24.

The Wolverines passed the ex-Brady Hoke squad, the SDSU Aztecs, for a nice victory. It wasn’t pretty and the Wolverines need to improve offensively. They had three thirdquarter turnovers.

The Wolverines face Minnesota on Saturday. That’s a complete layup for the Maize and Blue! Big Block M’s 38 Minny no haha 13.

The Fat Guy’s NFL picks are hotter than a jalapeno popper out of hot grease. Since week one’s awful selections, I have been smoking hot and I look to continue this week. Roll’em Jordan.

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