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Long time coming

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

What is going on in the great State of Michigan? The Wolverines, Spartans, Tigers, and Lions all are kicking tail right now. What a time to be a sports fan here in Michigan! Has this been a long long time coming or what? The fact the Lions’ name is in the mix is scary enough. When the sports world treats us to October baseball, a 4-0 NFL team, and two college teams—one undefeated and one with one loss—it’s awesome. Let’s look ahead for a second.

The Lions have a home Monday Night Football game, the first one in a decade. The Spartans and Wolverines play each other in two weeks. The Tigers are up 2-1 on the hated Yankees, as I write this. I say more good sports are ahead here in Michigan. Hey, the Red Wings are also opening their NHL season this weekend.

How about last week’s opening of the Big Ten schedule? Michigan smokes a lousy Minnesota Golden Gopher football team, 58-0. A tough contest awaits them in Northwestern on Saturday night at seven o’clock. Hopefully, the Wolverines are not looking ahead to the Sparty contest next Saturday. The MSU boys went down to the horseshoe and tractor pulled their way to a 10-7 victory. It wasn’t pretty, but the Spartans escaped with the ” W”. I felt MSU would win that game as predicted by me last week. Thank you crystal cheese ball for that win!



The Spartans have a bye this week before the Maize and Blue roll into East Lansing next Saturday. Here is a tip of the fork to the Wisconsin Badgers! The Badgers welcomed the Cornhuskers to Big Ten football with a dehusking of the Nebraska Cornhuskers under the bright lights of Madison, Wisconsin. A memo to Husker fans: this ain’t Iowa State or Kansas, so click your heels Dorothy, and play some Big Ten Football, will ya! I will say this, the Badgers are a darned good football team. Nebraska is an overrated football team in my opinion. Just saying! However, the Nebraska boys will be laying a severe beating on the Yuckeyes of OSU Saturday.

Sticking to football, the Lions become the first team to rally from 20 points or more on consecutive weeks ever in the NFL. The kicker to me is both came on the road! Remember, not long ago, the Lions lost 26 straight football games on the road. The Lions currently have reeled off five straight road victories. Some turn around, huh? The confidence this team is showing is growing week by week, in my opinion. However, falling behind in the first half by 20 is not a recipe for long-term success. When the Lions schedule came out I was hoping for a 2-2 start to the season. A 4-

0 start never entered my simpleton mind.

Here come the

Chicago Bears to Ford Field Monday night. The place will be electric and the noise so loud you won’t hear yourself think. Ford Field has not witnessed a game of this magnitude, ever, since the place was built. I really can’t wait for Monday to get here. The experience will be awesome and the tailgating tremendous. A Lions’ victory is needed to make the experience truly unforgettable! Crystal ball prediction: Lions Den 37 and Dead Bear Rug 20. Yes, a Lions route on Monday night. The Dallas Cowboys’ third best receiver (Calvin Johnson) two more touchdowns.

Hopefully the Tigs can put away the Yankees tonight ( Tuesday). Rick Porcello will get his chance to shine and advance the Tigers into the next round of MLB Playoffs. Justin Verlander pitched Detroit to a victory Monday night over New York. J.V.’s effort wasn’t one of his best, but it got the job done. I think the Tigers get it done tonight! I know this for a fact, Comerica Park will be jammed packed and rocking! Go Tigers and bring on round two!!

Here are this week’s NFL picks :

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