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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The colors of the fall season usually feature orange, red, yellow, and brown. The colors this fall are maize, blue, green, white, Honolulu blue and silver. Yes, the Lions have restored the roar here in 2011 with a stellar 5-0 start to the NFL season. The Tigers battled Tuesday to avoid going down 3-0 to the Texas Rangers in the ALCS! This coming Saturday at high noon the Wolverines and Spartans are going to hook up in East Lansing. That football game could become an instant classic. It is hard to believe the Wolverines are ranked along with the Spartans in the top 25. Let’s get into some baseball and football talk. I think the Lions deserve to lead off this week. The Lions have been beat down and frowned upon in Detroit for a decade. The atmosphere in Ford Field was electric and a complete frenzy. I have witnessed so much bad football from my season tickets over the past decade, I questioned why I kept them. Monday night answered my question why I did keep them. From the opening kickoff Monday to the very last tackle was as enjoyable of a game that I have witnessed in Ford Field. The fact the Lions are a darned good football team is almost fairy tale-ish. We all knew they were the sexy pick at the beginning of the season. The fact that they are proving to be Victoria Secret sexy is darned exciting. I love watching this team grow as a team. It is also refreshing to write positive things about the “Cryons” every single week. The Lions have their work cut for them Sunday, as the San Francisco Forty-Niners come to town. I originally thought this game was am easy winner. However, Jimmy Harbaugh has them playing good football. Do you think coaching matters? It does. Sorry Mike Singletary. Fat Guy Crystal Cheese Ball (Hot Pepper Jack this week) prediction: Roaring Fifties Remembered 27 and Jimmy’s Hairballs 20.



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The Tigers’ bats are like a silent movie this ALCS series against the Texas Rangers. The Tigs just can’t get any clutch hits. If they could hit a little bit, they would be up 2-0 instead of trailing, 2-1. Avila’s middle name is “whiff ” at another pitch. What in the H-E-Double hockey sticks happened to his bat? He is completely lost up at the dish. We also have to

throw in the injury bug because Delmon Young is hurt. It now looks like Victor Martinez has a pulled oblique muscle. What is it with the oblique muscle here in the 2011 post season for Detroit? The big guns have not produced on the plate (until now Miguel just doubled in a run 2-1 Tigers game three). Detroit needs to win all three in Detroit for a chance to go to the World Series, in my opinion. If the Tigers do get eliminated, it was because of their lack of hitting. Come on Tigers, I want some more October baseball in the “D”! High noon The Wolverines are ranked number 11 with a 6-0 record and MSU is ranked number 23 with a 4-1 record, and they have a high-noon ESPN matchup. The Spartans are looking for their fourth straight win over the Michigan Wolverines. When is the last time that happened, you ask? The answer is: 1959-1962. I doubt if anyone had Michigan being 6-0 coming into this contest. MSU has to contain Denard Robinson’s running if they are to win. Make Robinson throw the football (he can’t) to beat you, if you’re a MSU fan. Michigan has to contain the Cousins-to-B J Cunningham quarterback-to-receiver combination. Then, Michigan has to worry about the three-headed running attack featured by MSU. MSU is more balanced offensively then Michigan, for sure. I can’t wait for Saturday’s game. Sharp Cheddar Cheeseball prediction: Hoke No Joke 31 and Burning Couches no Slouches 28. I picked that with my heart, not my smart, by the way!!! NFL Picks…Roll, em, Sparty!

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