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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Tigs’ playoff run, or should I say lack of runs, forced them out in six games against the Texas Rangers. This series was great watching for all baseball fans. The games were competitive and close (except game six) and the series could have easily fallen the Tigs’ way.

When you look back on the 2011 season the Tigers were not supposed to win the Central Division. The White Sox and Minnesota Twins were the popular choices. The Tigers pulled away from the field in August and September winning the division in convincing fashion. They then disposed of the hated Yankees in a grueling and exciting five-game series. Nobody, by the way, predicted the Tigers to win that series either. The bottom line is, it was a great summer of baseball fun. The Texas Rangers were the better team and I think they will win the World Series.

Let’s not forget some individual performances of 2011, and the year Miguel Cabrera had winning the American League batting championship. Miggy can flat out rake. That means hit to you baseball people not familiar with baseball jargon. Victor Martinez made the switch from catcher to the most dangerous DH in the American League. Remember, many Tigers’ fans wanted Adam Dunn, owner of a .163 batting average. Victor was awesome all summer. The king of the hill, Justin Verlander, had a Cy Young-winning season on the mound. I could not wait to watch him pitch every fifth day. He was so dominating and did it all year long. Papa Grande, you were okay, but you still need to close out hitters one, two, and three. Do me a favor and work on that over the winter.



Speaking of winter, which is the off season for baseball, here are the Detroit Tigers’ top priorities. Please find a lead off hitter. Austin Jackson strikes out way too much! A second baseman and a third baseman need to be high on the list, also. If the Tigs can shore up those three things, I like Detroit’s chances in the Central Division in 2012. The last thing on the Tigs’ list is, say goodbye to Carlos Guillen and Magglio Ordonez as Tigers. They won’t be back in 2012. Tigers, see you in Lakeland. Sibling rivalry

The “Little Brother” took care of “Big Brother” for the fourth straight season. MSU, on a windy day in East Lansing, held Denard Robinson to limited yardage on the ground and just a brutal day passing the football. Denard Robinson is flat out a terrible passer and it was so so evident on Saturday afternoon.

The Sparty defense was pretty dominating. They came into the game ranked number-one overall in the NCAA. I thought Michigan’s play calling was not very impressive, if you ask me. I can’t make excuses for the Wolverines. I can only give high praise to the green and white, who won the game, and state bragging rights.

The Spartans have their hands full, as the

Wisconsin Badgers come into Spartan

Stadium on Saturday night. Yes, the Spartys have a night game and the place will be flat out rocking. It will take a spirted effort for the Spartans to defeat the Badgers. Fat Guy prediction: Bucky The Badger 30 and No Sparty Party 24. Hiccup on the gridiron

The Motor City Kittys are undefeated no more. A 25-19 defeat to the San Francisco “Treats”. The loss puts Detroit at 5-1 and thoughts of 16-0 go bye bye. The thought of Green Bay and Detroit undefeated playing one another on Thanksgiving also is down the toilet. Detroit needs to rebound next Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons because we cannot afford to lose back-to-back home games. King of the World

The World Series got started on Wednesday night in St. Louis. The Cardiac Cardinals get in as a wildcard entry on the last day of the season and are making the most of their opportunity. However, I like the Rangers in this World Series. The boys from Texas lost last year to San Francisco. They won’t lose this year. Texas in six games.

Time for NFL picks:

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