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End of the road



Baseball is officially over in Motown. The Tigers can’t beat anyone between the chalk lines. The great first half of baseball has been the exact opposite since the mid-summer break. I really thought it would be a three horses race in the American League Central. Boy, was I wrong! It is officially the Twins’ or White Sox’ division to win or lose. The only thing left as a Tigers fan is to watch the young pitchers and young players perform here in August and September. It’s time to focus on next season and see which players can make next year’s Tigers ball club. Tiger baseball is over for 2010 and there will be no October playoff baseball here in 2010. Bring on the football season please!

Hallowed Halls

Yes, the NFL preseason schedule is under way and the Hall of Fame game was played Sunday night. It was an absolutely boring game as Dallas defeated the Cincinnati Bengals. Preseason football can be downright awful as a bunch of no names are trying to earn roster spots. The four weeks of games that don’t count in the standings needs to be shortened to two games. Two exhibition football games are enough.

The Detroit Lions open up in Pittsburgh on Saturday night. I am making the two-hour drive from Erie, Pennsylvania to attend the event. I know, I am a sick individual, but I am still going. I want to see the draft picks play and see if they can play in the NFL. I hope the offense shows some signs of life and doesn’t look dormant as a door mat. Please, Detroit, show some signs of life and some sort of hope

for the upcoming season. I have not forgotten

the 4-0 pre-season and 0-16 regular season that followed, either! I will report my observations in next week’s article.

The Pistons have re-signed Big Ben Wallace to a two-year deal. The newest Piston is the old, tired, and often injured, Tracy McGrady. Tracy signed a one-year $1.35 million deal. Boy, as a Pistons fan, that has to excite the living you no what out of you. Come on Joey “D” what are you thinking? Answer is, you’re not!

The rumor has it the “Pizza Man” might be buying the Pistons. I hope he does actually that would make three major sports franchises owned by “Pizza Pizza.” Pepperonis for everyone, I say!


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