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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

I am about to share some very eerie Detroit Lions information with you. The Lions demolished Tebow Mania last Sunday, 45-10, in the Mile High City. I will get to the Tebow issue here in a minute. What makes this victory eerie is that in 2007, the Lions handed a similar beat down, 44-7, to the Denver Broncos at Ford Field. I was at that game, too!

That 2007 victory improved the Lions’ record to 6-2. This coincidentally is the Lions’ record here in 2011. In 2007, the Lions went on to lose seven of their last eight games. The Lions’ record in the next 52 games? A sickening 5-47 tailspin that seemed like it would never end. Including, as we all know, an 0-16 embarrassing season in 2008.

I find it fascinating the same team— Denver—and the same 6-2 record are exactly linked together four years a part. Don’t you? The fickle finger of football works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it? The difference is, this 2011 team will not face the collapse the 2007 team did. This 2011 team is way more talented and on the rise. This 2011 team is a legitimate playoff contender and not a pretender. I am not saying they will make the playoffs, but are a contender to make it. The bottom line is, this whole 2007-2011 comparison is pretty freaking eerie.



I want to get back to the Tim Tebow saga. The microscope on Tebow’s quarterback play is getting to be a bit too much. It’s not Tim Tebow’s fault the Denver Broncos selected him in the first round of the draft when he deserved to be picked in the third or fourth round. Denver executives and fans should point the finger at Josh McDaniels, the ex-coach. He is the biggest blame in this fiasco in Denver.

Nobody in the football world thought Tim Tebow was a number-one pick! I like Tebow as a person and what he stands for as a human being. However, he is not a starting NFL quarterback, as of now. The coach, John Fox, knows it, and so does one John Elway, the executive. The Denver fans have started to coach this football team and as Terry Francona once stated: “When you coach for the ones in the seats, soon you will be sitting with them.” Terry is now sitting with them after being fired by the Red Sox, by the way!

The Detroit Lions displayed to all the teams in the NFL how to defeat one Tebow Mania. The Lions blitzed the heck out of him forcing him to be a pocket passer. He can’t do it as of now. Tebow’s quarterback rating was a pitiful 26 last Sunday. Denver fans, a long season is in store for you, and Tebow, a long season is in store for you, too!

Good luck. The Lions have a bye this week, so Lions’ fans will have to find something to do this Sunday.

Bump in the road

Last week, college football was not kind to the Spartys in Lincoln,

Nebraska. The MSU offense could only muster up 187 yards of offense and a lousy field goal for three points. Kirk Cousins had a brutal day under center and it was his worst performance this season. This game was a tough spot, as MSU had just played three tough Big Ten football games and were winners of all three. The loss came as no surprise to me. This is a good MSU team and they will rebound.

Michigan whipped on Purdue and that was no surprise, either. Michigan is supposed to spank that bad Purdue football team. The Wolverines’ schedule gets tougher from here on out. Say what?

Tony LaRussa wins the World Series and then surprises the baseball world and retires. Tony heads out of baseball on top as a World Series champion. LaRussa, it can be argued, is one of the top five managers of all time. A 33-year career as skipper of the A’s, White Sox, and Cardinals and three World Series titles— 2006 and 2011 with the Cardinals and 1989 with Oakland. Tony was a great game manager and line-up wizard! Who else puts their pitcher in the eight hole? Tony, ride off into the sunset and enjoy retirement.

I am so sorry for the Washington lock pick! I need to put down the pipe before the pipe puts me down! Give me LSU over Alabama and let’s roll the picks …

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