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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Detroit Lions layed a clunker on the football field last Sunday afternoon against the Chicago Bears. The Bears have been playing really good football since Detroit defeated them on Monday Night Football. The 37-13 declawing of the Lions could have been much worse on Sunday actually. The Lions never competed in this football game. The Bears jumped out to a quick 20-0 lead and this one was over.

What is most important, is the fact the Lions had a chance to sweep the season series and hold the wildcard tie breaker over the Bears. While on the wildcard subject, I made a mistake on the wildcard home game. A wild card team cannot host a playoff game in the first round of the playoffs even if they have a better record than a division winner. Remember last year when the Saints had to go on the road and play the Seattle Seahawks, who had a worse record than the Saints? The bottom line is, my bad for misinforming all you readers last week. Thank you especially to the e-mailer who pointed out my mistake. Hey, even the fat guy messes up once in while!



My NFL picks have been messed up for a month now, but I’ll address that later in the article. Let’s get back to the “Cryons Meltdown” for a minute. I thought Matt Stafford played the worst game of his professional career. Those stupid gloves can be left in the locker next time, please, broken finger or not! I think coach Jimmy “handshake” Schwartz should have pulled the plug on number nine and put in Sean Hill. Sometimes a quarterback switch can ignite a ball club. It was obvious Stafford wasn’t going to get it done. Hopefully, the boys in Honolulu and Silver can put this one in the rearview mirror and get ready for two football games in 10 days with the Carolina Panthers on Sunday and the red hot Packers on Turkey Day. Detroit cannot afford to lose to the Panthers at home on Sunday. Do not look ahead to Green Bay on Thursday! Road tested

The Spartans and Wolverines both went on the road last week and pulled off a couple of nice victories. MSU went into Iowa and smoked the Hawkeyes, which is no easy feat. Many football people thought the Spartans might lose this football game, me included. The old Spartan teams of previous years would have. I tip my fork to coach Dantonio, who has changed the culture in Sparty land. He does not let this MSU team lay down and take weeks off. MSU is in prime position to play in the first-ever Big Ten Championship game.

All the Spartys have to do is win one of two remaining games against Indiana or Northwestern. The Spartans have the tie breaker over Nebraska and Michigan. Could there be a possible Wisconsin and MSU rematch in the Big Ten Championship game? I say, it’s a real good possibility. Wisconsin should win out and bypass the current leader in Penn State. Michigan has a huge game on their schedule with

Nebraska coming to Ann Arbor on Saturday. This football game should be a dandy. Let’s all hope

Michigan isn’t peaking at the Ohio

State Buckeyes. If they are, the

Nebraska Cornhuskers will get the victory. No brainer

The Cy Young Award in the American league goes to none other than Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers. Justin was a unanimous choice for the award. He was only the fourth unanimous winner ever. It was the biggest no-brainer for baseball writers ever. Justin led the American League in strike outs, ERA, WHIP, innings pitched, league wins, opponents batting average against, and no hitter! What a season! Can the American League MVP award be next? Not a care in the world

The NBA season is slowly slipping away from the players, owners, and fans. The outlook is not good and I see no end in the near future. I really don’t think there will be an NBA season, honestly. That, for NBA fans, is too bad. I could care less!

My picks are terrible!! Just pick against me and win; it’s that easy. My handicapping skills lack confidence, and I stink! Wow how the mighty have fallen….Roll the losers Rocky

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