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Whirlwind week

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The world of sports has a labor dispute solved, college and NFL coaches are getting fired, colleges’ football championships are to be determined, an NFL suspension is laid down and a major college football hire is made. There is so much going on, that I don’t even know where to start. I guess this is what makes this time of the year so tumultuous and yet, so intriguing. Let’s pick one and get started.

The NBA season looks to have been saved as the clock was about to strike midnight. I really thought the 2011-12 season was about to be slam dunked for the season. The players, I think, came to their senses and realized if they didn’t take the deal the owners were offering, the owners were willing to sit out the season. It was a great move by the players, because if they sat out the season, I don’t feel as though the fans would have come running back to the NBA. Free agency signings and camps will open up here soon and the regular season will open up on Christmas Day. NBA fans, your season is not lost! Oh, don’t expect much this season, Pistons’ fans; it is gonna be a long year on the hardwood. Rubber match



The college football scene is pointing to a rematch between the LSU Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide. Bama’s season is over with and currently sit in the number two spot of the BCS. LSU knocked off Arkansas and has a strong hold on the BCS number-one slot. LSU faces Georgia in the SEC Championship game on Saturday. LSU is a two-touchdown favorite to win the game. Let’s just say LSU loses to Georgia on Saturday. I don’t think the loss would drop LSU from the BCS Championship game at all. LSU’s body of work this season on the football field won’t let them slip to number three in the BCS. The bottom line is, some want to see a rematch, while many would prefer not to. It depends what side of the fence you sit on, I guess. I don’t really care to see a rematch, however I feel as though these are the two best teams in the country. The BCS’s job is to have the best two teams in the championship. The BCS is a success here in 2011. Deja vu?

The Big Ten Championship game is slated for 8:15 p.m. on Saturday. Guess what? It’s another rematch! The Badgers are looking to make amends for a loss to the Michigan State Spartans earlier this year. Everyone remembers the “Hail Mary” Sparty victory, right?! Can MSU make it two in a row over the pesky Badgers? Obviously the football experts feel as though the answer is, no! Las Vegas has made Wisconsin 10-point favorites. Man, talk about no respect for the Spartys, in my opinion. Does the neutral field mean that much in the odds-makers eyes? It must. I like Wisconsin to win this game, but MSU to keep it closer than 10 points. Crystal ball says Cheese in Red and White 30 No

Hail Mary This Time 26.

Michigan finally finally over OSU,

40-34. I want to say, nice defense by both sides in this game! Bo and Woody probably rolled over in their graves after this one went final. I know Michigan snapped a seven-game slide to the most honest team in the land. I wasn’t impressed at all.

Michigan should have blown this team out by two touchdowns at home!!

The “Yuckeyes” have a new coach in Urban Meyer. Is he the right man for OSU? I mean, his Florida football teams were a crime blotter mess suffering through 31 arrests from 2005- until his resignation from coaching! I am just saying, be careful OSU, with this hire. Urban’s health issues went away after drinking a sixyear $4 million a year bowl of cabbage soup! I guess money cures all! Good Luck, OSU! Crumbs and tidbits

Ndamukong Suh, get your act together; you’re killing your football team. Say goodbye to Dennis Erickson, Rick Neuheisel, and Ron Zook from college football coaching ranks. The NFL lost Jack Del Rio, as he was let go by Jacksonville. How did he last nine years and win zero AFC South titles? A sick 69-73 record and always quarterback chaos? I thought only Detroit did dumb stuff! The Colts fire the defensive coordinator Larry Coyer? That makes me laugh so hard, my eyes watered! Colts will tie Detroit with an 0-16 record and no one is even mentioning it! It iritates me, to be totally honest! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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