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Overstepping lines

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The NBA is back and training camps have opened up in all NBA cities. The biggest news has centered around Chris Paul down in New Orleans. Paul was headed to the Los Angeles Lakers until the commissioner, David Stern, nixed the potential deal. My opinion is, David Stern overstepped his boundaries and succumbed to pressure from some other owners. Dan Gilbert of the Cleveland Cavaliers being the most outspoken of small market owners.

Mr. Gilbert doesn’t want to become the Washington Generals, I guess. He needs to just button up his trap. The New Orleans Hornets are currently owned by the NBA, for those of you who don’t know that. Chris Paul will be a free agent at end of this season. He wants out of New Orleans. If the Hornets don’t deal Paul to another team and get something in return, the New Orleans Hornets will be left holding an empty basketball. How dumb is that? I say, very dumb!

First of all, David Stern is not a GM and shouldn’t be acting like one. The Rockets, Lakers, and Hornets, I thought, had a fair deal for all teams involved. The Hornets were getting the best of it, actually. The Lakers were going to lose Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol! Does Stern really think two guards like Kobe and Paul would dominate the NBA? Heck, no, they wouldn’t. I think the deal would be a bad one for the Lakers. The new rumor is Chris Paul to the L.A. Clippers. Stay tuned, and, David Stern, mind your own bee’s wax, will ya?!



What is happening here closer to home at the Palace of Auburn Hills and our Detroit Pistons? The Pistons have re-signed the “Prince” to a four-year deal worth 27 million pieces of cabbage. I know Detroit overpaid for Tayshaun, but they had to. Tay’s numbers have not declined and he is a worthy offensive and defensive player as an NBA player.

The Pistons need a so-called face of the franchise to represent the Pistons here in 2011-12. I know most of you probably disagree with me and that is okay, too! Speaking of faces of the franchise, the Pistons lost one in RIP Hamilton. The Pistons bought out Rip’s contract and it looks like he will sign with the hated Chicago Bulls. The thought of that makes me sick, quite honestly. Rip spent nine wonderful years here in Motown from 2002-2011. He was Detroit’s leading scorer in eight of his nine seasons here, averaging 18.4 points-a-game. I didn’t realize that stat, either! He was part of six Detroit Pistons’ trips to the Eastern Conference Finals and two trips to the NBA Finals in 2004 and 2005. The no-brainer of course is the 2004 world title win over the Los Angeles Lakers. Rip, thanks for the memories, and boy, oh boy, that is all we have as Pistons fans these days! RIP really means RIP as a Piston.

Detroit Pistons fans, the Pistons’ season opens up on Dec. 26 at Indiana and the home opener is Dec. 28 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. A few other key dates: The Miami Heat January 25, and March 23 at the Palace. The Lakers come to town on March 6.

The NBA is back, but don’t expect too many wins from the Pistons. They will be a 25-win team here in 2011-2012.

Lucky win

The Detroit Lions tried to give away a victory to the

Minnesota Vikings last

Sunday. Detroit got off to a 21-0 lead and it looked like the Lions would roll to a huge victory. Wrong!

The Lions, as only the Lions can do, were within one play of losing a critical game at home. A loss which would have almost for sure killed their playoff aspirations. The bottom line is, Detroit got very lucky to win.

How ironic is it that a face-mask penalty was not called on the Lions’ defense on the last play of the game? Lucky, lucky, and real lucky, I say. Detroit can also send a Christmas card to Tim Tebow for another come-back victory over the Chicago Bears. That was a big help in the Lions’ playoff push. Let’s face the facts that the Lions are not playoff worthy this season. I still want them to make it, however, for the playoff experience. We all know they will be one-and-done if they do make it.

The Oakland game this Sunday is very critical to their playoff lives. I feel as though if they win, they are in. A loss and I am not so sure. One more thing; Mr. Suh, behave yourself this Sunday in Oakland.

My lock picks have too many keys that don’t work, as I continue to struggle. A tough year for the Fat Guy as a prognosticator. I guess all good things come to an end sooner or later. Here we go…

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