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Comeback kids

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The Detroit Lions are the comeback kids of the NFL here in 2011. Yes, it was another double digit deficit outcome for the victory. This is the fourth time, and unbelievably, three of them have come on the road. The Lions looked dead in the water with seven minutes left in the fourth quarter trailing by 13 points. One thing we learned this season, is the Lions are never dead in a football game (except the Chicago game). Matthew Stafford led a drive for a score and the Lions trailed by six. The Lions’ defense held the Raiders and forced a punt that landed on the Lions’ two-yard line with around two minutes left. Mr. Stafford drove them 98 yards to victory with a touchdown pass to Calvin Johnson with thirty-nine seconds left. Oakland goes for a field goal and the suspended one— Ndamukong Suh—back from suspension, blocks the field goal. Jubilation on the Lions’ sidelines erupts along with Lions’ fans living rooms across the state of Michigan. I almost hit the ceiling fan with my head.



How about Calvin Johnson? The past five games he has had no 100-yard receiving games and just one touchdown. This game, he had nine catches for 214 yards and two touchdowns. Matthew Stafford’s fabulous season continued with four more touchdown passes. The “Year of the Cats” record sits at 9-5 and a playoff berth is like a piece of meat inches from the Lions mouth.

The Lions have exceeded expectations on the field this season. We all thought improvement was on the horizon! However, none of us realistically thought a playoff berth would be a possibility. If you did, you had on Honolulu and Blue colored glasses or you’re the worst “Homer” ever. The fairy tale ends with the princess kissing the frog and turning it into a prince. The Lions’ fairy-tale ending for Lions fans is a victory at Ford Field on Saturday afternoon. The San Diego Chargers are red hot and looking for a playoff berth, too. Detroit, don’t let this decade of frustration linger on any longer please. Let’s end the fairytale season correctly by clinching a playoff berth in front of all the die-hard Lions fans at the game and at home watching. Christmas is Sunday, but for many of us, it’s Saturday afternoon at four o’clock. Detroit, bring the Fat Guy his present a day early, please, and I’ll return all my gifts I get on Sunday. Go Lions! Prediction: Playoff Drought Over 30 Dead Batteries 27. Is this a dream? One more side note: I think the electricity at Ford Field will be electric and the electricity will kill the volts of the San Diego Chargers.

The NFL had a few goose eggs removed this past Sunday. The Packers lost a game and the Colts actually won a game. The Colts’ loss made me sad, as Detroit’s 0-16 record will remain an NFL record. Thanks, Millen and

Marinelli, for that one. It was ironic that Dan Orlovski was the Colts’ winning quarterback as he was part of the Lions’ 0-16 debacle. The Packers’ loss might help Detroit, as they might rest starters on the last week of the season. Detroit plays Green Bay in week 17. The last two weeks of the NFL season should be great, as numerous playoff spots are up for grabs. The games of interest this week feature the


Eagles/Cowboys, and Falcons/Saints. There are too many playoff scenarios to go over right now. The NFL 2011 MVP race is a three way between Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees. Who would have thought that a month ago? Nobody! We all had Rodgers winning it easily. Bidding war

The Texas Rangers have won the bidding rights to Japan pitcher Yu Darvish. They paid $51.7 million, and that’s all. The Rangers have 30 days to negotiate a deal. I believe they will get it done. Do we all remember when the Red Sox paid $51.1 million for Dice K? I do. Darvish’s record in Japan was 93-38 with a 1.99 ERA. Pretty solid numbers, I would admit. I believe Texas made the move based on the moves made by the Angels last week.

The Fat Guy is headed to the Little Caesars Bowl to root on the Western Michigan Bronchos. Go Western! I can’t wait.

Happy Holidays to all of you and to all, a good night! Here are this week’s NFL winners… the fatguy@mihomepaper.com

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