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Jeff Day — Sports

Jeff Day — Sports

Say goodbye to inter-league play for the Detroit Tigers after a sorry 7-11 record against the National League teams. The Tigers played six threegame series and only won one of the series, going 2-1, where the Arizona Diamondbacks were the victims. The other five series ended in a dismal 1-2 record. The most disappointing is that Detroit lost series to the sorry Los Angeles Dodgers, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the New York Mets. The three ball clubs should not have taken two of three from Detroit.

I am not a huge fan of inter-league play, as you all know by now. Let me give you an example, which doesn’t include the Tigers. The Milwaukee Brewers led the St. Louis Cardinals by three games in the National League Central Division. Milwaukee goes into Yankee Stadium and gets swept by the Bronx Bombers, then, St. Louis draws the sorry Baltimore Orioles in Baltimore. Guess the results, baseball fans? Yes, you got it right, as the Cardinals swept the Orioles. The National League Central is now a dead heat between the Cardinals and Brewers. Tell me how fair that is to the Brewers? It’s not, plain and simple.

I also realize the Tigers have benefited over the years by having a stellar inter-league record. The bottom line is inter-league play needs to be eliminated, or shorten it to six games. Please, Bud Selig, let’s go to a balanced schedule where all teams play each other the same amount of times. Let’s also ban the designatedhitter rule, too! I’ll save that topic for a later rant went I want to blow off baseball steam.

The All-Star teams have been announced and four Detroit Tigs have been awarded spots on the roster. It’s possible a fifth could be added if Victor Martinez is voted onto the squad via online voting. Victor is hitting .333 with six home runs and 46 RBI. Paul Konerko probably deserves the spot over Victor. The four Tigers on the team are pitchers Jose Valverde and Justin Verlander. Miguel Cabrera was voted on as the first baseman reserve.

The fans got it right voting Alex

Avila into the starting catcher’s spot. Avila is having an awesome first half of a season.

What a thrill it will be for Mr.

Avila in his first All-Star game. It has to be an awesome rush as a young big leaguer to be around all those other All-Stars! How about Justin Verlander as the American

League starting pitcher? Columnist He better get the nod! Verlander had a June to remember with a 6-0 record and a whopping 0.92 ERA! Are you freaking kidding me? Wow, those are numbers that are hard to even comprehend. Justin has become the true ace of the staff for Detroit. All good ball clubs have an ace that leads to October. Justin took a new approach this season down in spring training and it has paid off with huge dividends. The Cy Young award is on the table for Mr. Verlander to put in the trophy case come the end of the 2011 season. I think he will get it done here in the second half, too! Detroit really needs him to deliver more victories if they are to win the AL Central Division. The White Sox and Indians are going to be there in the end, too.

Derek Jeter, the AL starting shortstop (fans should be ashamed of themselves voting him the starter), is back in the lineup and looking for his 3,000th hit. Jeter currently is four hits short. Will he get it before the All-Star game? One thing is, he will get it here shortly.

Also, no I did not win the hot dogeating contest, as the rumors swirl! thefatguy@mihomepaper.com

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