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Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

Jeff Day — Sports Columnist

The NFL playoffs did not provide Lions a touchdown return. The Lions much drama over the weekend at all. would have been up, 21-7, at that The Cincinnati “Crazy Helmets” bungled point. A critical and turning-ofmomentum their way to a loss in Houston, 31- type play. The difference 10. It was a good game until is Detroit went three-and-out and Cincinnati quarterback Andy went to half up, 14-10. A solid Dalton threw an interception performance, I thought, at least right before halftime for a pick they weren’t embarrassing themselves. six. The pick turned the whole game around and Houston cruised The second half was a different to victory in the second half. story, especially the fourth

The G-Men of New York quarter. Drew Brees dismantled the fraud of a ripped them up football team the through the air Atlanta Falcons. and exposed the Matty “Ice” Ryan, horrible Lions’ the quarterback of defense. The the “Dirty Birds”, Lions’ tackling played like a dead was atrocious bird and was de-iced. The Atlanta loss and pitiful and the run defense nonexistent, makes for three straight playoff losses once again. The secondary for Non-Hotlanta. Atlanta is a homer dropped possible interceptions—three football team that can’t win on the to be exact. The bottom line is, the road. The play calling was atrocious, in Saints were the better team and my opinion. The New York “Football” deserved to win. The Lions had a great Giants played another decent football season and exceeded Lions’ fans expectations game. They seem to be rolling and by making the playoffs. peaking at the right time. The problem Hopefully, the past decade is now in is, week to week what Giants team will the rear view and the next decade you get. The Hyde team, or the Jekyll brings great NFL football to the Motor team? City. They need to fix the defense and

The NY Giants are rolling right now some other holes this off-season. and playing really good football. Their Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson last three performances have been the are the best combo in the NFL in my total football package. A rematch of opinion. The ROAR has been restored the Giants and Packers will take place in Detroit! Thank you, Lions, for giving in Green Bay this weekend. In the us an excellent season and already name of The Father, The Son, and The looking forward to next season. Holy Tebow. My NFL picks for the this weekend

Yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers were go as follows. The Ravens should crush Tebowed in Denver over the weekend. the Houston Texans. I can’t see a Tebow mania will have to be analyzed Houston rookie quarterback beating for one more week by NFL analysts. Ray Lewis and Company in Baltimore. Tebow is the most scrutinized player in Tebow already was crushed by New Denver history for sure. He may be the England once. I will make it twice, as most scrutinized NFL player ever, too! the Patriots roll the Broncos. The All Timmy does is win football games. Saints and San Fran will be a dandy of a How he does it with such an awful skill game with the high-flying offense of set as an NFL quarterback is almost the Saints against the Niners’ stingy beyond belief. It’s the old adage: You defense. Will the Niners stop the red have to see it to believe it. Mr. Tebow hot Drew Brees? I don’t think so. The pulled off the biggest, and only, upset Saints will score enough to win this of Wildcard weekend. I am starting to game. The Packers and Giants will be think if it works for Tim Tebow, I another good football game. Eli and might start spending my Sundays in the Giants “D” against Rodgers’ “O”. better places after the football season The Packers’ defense needs to step up, ends. or a possible upset could be on tap!

The Detroit Lions’ football season Give me the Packers, just because they ended Saturday night in the city of are at home. Congrats to Bama! New Orleans. The Saints were on the Boring game and LSU was awful… ropes in the first half, as Detroit looked downright awful. It put me to sleep pretty good on the road. A huge blown watching that boring game.call by the referees on a fumble cost the

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